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HRS Pride & Her Six Years Of Service

Taking a look at "things that went wrong" onboard his majesties ship the HRS Pride

Orthwell Visit Goes Wrong

Year 4030, Day 282; the HRS Pride enters the Orthwell System for a routine flight check. Scientists had warned about flying into this system, but for the crew of the Pride this was an interesting challenge. Could the Pulsar’s technology be the first to withstand the electric magnetic fields of the most deadly system around? The ship proceeded into the Nebula as many have done before. The Pride held up fine, in fact the Captain stated in his report later that day, “The ship was holding up better than any other ship had in the past. We got close enough to read the SOS messages coming from the inner orbit of the black hole, we were almost close enough to run a first degree scan of the hole. The helmsman stated he was picking up signs of a planet and some asteroids. I had started to get very excited as we were about to get a scan dump with data never before recorded. Before the scan was complete the alarms went off and we found ourselves in a very dangerous situation. Our secondary systems had failed; the only difference between primary and secondary is that the secondary were less shielded from ionic disturbance. What worried me more though was the fact the secondary relay cables are laid down deeper in the Hull. If they were being affected, who knows what would come up next. I ordered the immediate turn around of the ship. [ …]” The HRS Pride spent two weeks back in the docks after this adventure.

The Deadly Miy’Til Crash of 4030

The King’s Honor Miy’Til Wing was returning to dock after a training mission as the King’s Honor 05 broadcasted an SOS. The ship was already on a landing approach as its navigation system failed. The pilot, Ackped Megta, was so certain he could still land the ship he failed to eject. The Miy’Til came in at three times the speed it should have. The Docking Bay catch-nets were activated and prevented the Miy’Til from crashing through the Hangar Bay walls and into the main ship. The small craft exploded, killing the pilot and causing serious damage to the Hangar. The ship returned to the docks for a two-month repair.

Space Debris Collide With Pulsar

4031, Day 256 at 0300hrs the crew were rudely awoken to a loud, deep thump followed by a ship-wide red alert. Whilst thinking they were under attack, the crew soon found the situation to be quite the contrary. Nature must have played a joyful little joke on them. 14 minutes after the thumping sound, the crew were able to confirm they had been hit by space debris. Minor damages were reported. The crew were able to repair the damage within 6 hours. Some believe it may have been a terrorist attack, however the official report shows no evidence to support this claim.

HRS Pride - The History

Commissioned by King Jessy James himself, the HRS Pride is unique and will never see mass production. It is the most powerful vessel in the Cluster, designed to protect the Royal Family when it ventures away from Hapes Prime. Since her maiden voyage in 4028 the ship has laid down several milestones in recent Hapan history.

The design of the Pulsar Battle Cruiser pays homage to the Nova Battle Cruiser and its predecessor, the Quasar Battle Cruiser, which was inspired by the appearance of the long-necked Pentix dragon of Arxian Major. There are several elements of the Nova Battle Cruiser apparent in the design, such as the bridge and command sections of the ship. The HRS Pride boasts a heavily reinforced hull, granting it a total tactical rating of 16,000. The cruiser’s armament is unmatched in the Consortium and places the ship as one of the most powerful in the galaxy. It has 100 turbo laser batteries with optimal recharge rate, 40 ion batteries and 20 heavy lasers. Its shielding is so substantial that it can rightfully be considered invulnerable to conventional attacks from capital ships. The shield rating of 12,000 places the ship third place galaxy-wide, surpassed only by the Super Star Destroyer and Home One.

The sheer size, and resulting power requirements of the HRS Pride warranted the instalment of a class VI Jyll reactor which had previously only been used on the Star Home. Equipped with a Froond-class hyper drive that powers the four powerful OC Dragon Wing engines the ship can easily deploy across the Hapes Cluster in a matter of hours. The cruiser can carry a considerable amount of small vessels, or even certain smaller capital ships, and maintains a balanced number of star fighters for defence and escort purposes. The HRS Pride has a significant crew complement, the majority of which are vital for smooth operation of the ship’s systems.

A true marvel of craftsmanship, the cruiser embodies the Hapan spirit in all facets of design, performance, and resilience: rightfully taking its place as the flagship of the Hapes Consortium.

* History *

The contract for the 1 million ton and 17 million m³ sized military vessel was placed with the Hapan Alpha Shipyards in Sion, and was marked down in the production books as construction number BV 509. On day 320 the Keel (Hull) was laid down in Shipyard #13 at the Alpha Shipyards. In the year 4028, on day 300 the ship was launched from its shipyard and christened by His Majesty King James I. The first crew members came on-board in 4029, Day 10. On day 96 the ship was placed in the higher orbit path V-VI for a three week period where final additions were made. The ship left higher orbit on day 120 and on day 125 it underwent an inclining test in the “empty ship as completed condition” at 42,500 tons. Day 156 at exactly 1230 Hapan time, the ship was officially commissioned at the Sion Alpha Shipyard #13 under Phoenix High Guard Sean Tomsfeld. The Royal Hapan Navy flag is “hoisted” and the ship put into service with the Phoenix Fleet.

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