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The Return of the Deathmatches

After the dismissal of the Deathmatches, which were declined with the argument that they were sheer popularity contests, and with that, no good for Hapan society and affection in between the people of Hapes, they have returned. Nobody had been expecting this, however graphical and coding skills of our dear King, His Royal Majesty Jessy James, a new and far more “nifty”, in the words of the folk, voting system has been enabled.

A royal minister under anonymity states that it is a mere popularity contest, as mentioned above, he also adds that he comes close to hating it for it is a contest with no basis of merit and judgement. And rightly so, his arguments are heard through the entire cluster and will remain the primary argument against the fun.

The people of Hapes, some of which I had the pleasure of speaking to in person, state that it is “good fun” but still, only a popularity contest and no more than a good laugh. It should not be taken too seriously.

How far these matches will go and how long they will last is yet to be seen, however they did offer a grand pass-time this weekend. Many observers fell about laughing at the results, cheering either for themselves or their friends, joyfully collecting and handing out votes, all of this with a Hapan ale in their hands.

- By Carrie Jade

Olie Data Recording Goes National

The statistic and data recording holosites founded and maintained by citizen Rick Olie of the Hapes Consortium have been honored with national recognition by being featured on the Hapes public holosite. This includes his quotes and his meticulous tracking of what is said in and around Hapes. These holosites have created a fair bit of buzz around the cluster as well. All reports filed were positive though. With regards to the statistical data most respondents felt the service was “just harmless fun” or viewing it as kind of a point of bragging rights. The page of quotations was also said to be a “fun read”. No one really viewed either in a negative light, a true testament to the good natured and sporting spirit of the people of Hapes.

The data also doesn't lie and it seems to show a steady increase in activity in and around Hapes since official monthly reporting of the data began three and a half months ago. So while the data is rather sparse and while further observation will be needed by Mr. Olie, it seems that Hapes is thriving and growing at a fair rate. This month, for example, activity in Hapes is up well above where it was by this time in either of the previous three months. If this is as a direct result of the recording mechanism, and those seeking to earn the prestige of being in the top 15 listed by Mr. Olie's service, or if it is a result of Hapan recruiting working positively remains to be seen.

The system itself is rather sophisticated, recording its data and comparing it in several ways. It compares activity day to day, hour to hour, person to person, person to person in four 6 hour periods, word usage totals, holosite link postings, activity by gender, and most referenced names, to name a few. Those listed in the top 15 mentioned earlier have a random quote pulled from the database by them, and posted on the leader-board. This is different than the quote site of course, which has already reached a degree of fame, having been around for a many more years than his latest statistical recording venture.

When interviewed about the successes of his holosites, Mr. Olie stated that he had not designed these sites with the intent of their being hosted on the main Hapes portal. As all civic-minded citizens of Hapes, he was simply providing these services for the betterment of the community of Hapes. He is, however, very proud of the fact that they have been elevated to this level by His Highness. The inspiration for these two holosites came from Mr. Olie's love of communication, as well as of the Hapan Community. Mr. Olie also informed me that while these were his two most successful products, they were not his only ones. He also hosts a member photo gallery, which is currently undergoing a bit of a refurbishment, and will soon boast new features, including better load times, as well as a map for those posting photos to point out where they live.

As Hapes moves into its glorious future, we can it would seem, count on the innovations of men like Mr. Olie to selflessly dedicate their selves to the betterment of Hapan culture. While not every idea is likely to be as successful as those of Mr. Olie, each will in its own way shape Hapan culture for the better. To all our readers, young and old, do not let self doubt get in the way of your ideas. Take the initiative to follow through on them for the betterment of the cluster, and of our culture, and you may find that it can be rewarding in ways you had not dreamed of when you'd set out.

- By Ciel Page

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