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Royal Family to have Children?

Frequent Holidays

In the past two months His Royal Majesty King Jessy James and his beautiful wife and Queen Victoria James have spent two 7 day holidays together. Once on a far-away and tropical planet and once in their home the Hapes Cluster itself. The couple both look very healthy and happy together. Pictures of the couple holding hands, strolling along beaches smiling and laughing together are proof of this. Rumours have it there may be "James Juniors" showing up soon.

Happy Together

After their marriage, the two had been under a lot of stress and were constantly on different locations. King James had appointments, briefings and meetings to attend, and so, this gave him little time to spend with his beloved wife. Over the last six months though, the couple seem to find more time for each other and travel a lot together.

Juniors Wanted

Though neither the King nor the Queen will give a clear statement on the matter, it is clear the population would welcome 'juniors' with open arms. "We need some young folk to secure the future of our Kingdom. James and Victoria rock man, can't wait for them to have kids!" so Todd Mayer, a youngster questioned in the capital of Hapes.

Eidola Pirates Capture Merr-Sonn Leader

On Wednesday the Eidola Pirates have announced to the public that they captured Lance Kalzack, the leader of Merr-Sonn Weapons Productions. The pirates demand 37 million credits as ransom for the hostage’s life. It was reported that the operation was lead by an experienced pirate - Derek Shado.

The next day, Darkara Shadow Sanjit of Merr-Sonn addressed the galaxy to say that their faction does not negotiate with pirates. These are his own passionate words:
"I come before you today to inform the Eidola Pirates that Merr-Sonn will not negotiate for the release of Lance Kalzack as we do not negotiate with terrorist. You cannot clean out our Weapons Faction just by holding the leader. I will get my vengence for past deeds Eidola has done to other factions I have been in and for threatening to take the life of my friend. I will not rest till I hold the severed head of Teniel Djo in my hand. "

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