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Jedi Praxium Dissolved, Reborn, And Suddenly... Sold

During the past week several strange transformations happened to the Jedi Praxium:

First, there was an unexpected message that The Jedi Praxium ceased to exist as a registered organization. Just after that, the leader of the Praxium was accused of theft. Later, a new security group emerged, named The New Jedi Order. In the end we heard that the group and all its assets were sold to Riviera and renamed into The Aegis Riviera.

We hope to shed more light on this matter in the next issue of The Hapan Star.

By Concord MacDylan

Tara Tylger Becomes The New Princess Of The Black Sun

Following the unexpected death of Princess Xya Howie, the former Black Bodyguard Tara Tygler, also known before as Tara Vitane, has become the Princess of Black Sun. Our congratulations go to Princess Tara and also to her father Hapan Minister and Archon - Lord Alex Tylger.

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