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Keeping Track of the Past

The smell of newness and paper lies in the air. Every spoken word echoes in this grand and breathtaking hall. The shiny marble floor is engraved with fine lines that curve and twirl across the entire cream-coloured ground. Huge bookcases that stretch up so high one would need a ladder to reach the top shelves surround you when you enter the room. They seem to go on endlessly, and at first sight, you ask yourself: ‘How in the Galaxy is one supposed to find anything in here?’ Yet this vast and ever ongoing library is the new way of the Royal Council to keep all historical records tucked away and organised neatly.

This is the new Royal Library of the Hapes Consortium. It shall serve to hold all historical documents released by the Ministry of Culture. Books about all the different kinds of Hapan Peoples are held here, and books about the language, as well as the society & gender. Documents about typical Hapan celebrations and ceremonies, and their dates will be held here. The Hapan fashion, ornamentation and style will be researched here, as well as all about the music, nobility and the government. Information of the unique and eccentric wild life of Hapes is held here also. Surely a visit here would be more than worth it, and surely this is a place for young and old.

“After years of daily use by a large part of the population, the Royal Hapan Library located on Hapes, has been granted renovation funding by the Ministry of Finance,” so the Lord and Prime Minister of the Hapes Consortium Zell Jaak commented yesterday evening at a brief interview outside the library itself, “while I, as Prime Minister, oversee the progress, the library and its content is under the domain of the Ministry of Culture, and Minister Tylger has been able to retrieve previously unpublished documents for the library to be revealed to the public at the grand reopening. I'm sure that most of our subjects with an interest for the Hapan past and society will find it most interesting.”

The most likely best thing about this library is that after the grand opening of it, it will be open to all citizens of the Hapes Cluster – and of course other beings of the galaxy. Or let’s say those beings that make it into our admirable Cluster to begin with…

Three Ways to Loyalty

The population of the Hapes Cluster is growing daily. More and more people are becoming Hapan Citizens. Why, the Hapes Consortium has even beaten all records of the population of all systems and clusters of the galaxy on the GNS, and this several times before! How this happens, we do not even know ourselves. Even officers, who decide to resign from their duty in the Hapes Consortium, never leave their home in the Hapes Cluster. Instead they remain loyal citizens of the cluster. Has it become a new trend?

After being with the Hapes Consortium for a minimum of four months, and as long as one has not blacklisted from the cluster, it is ever so simple now to sign up for a Hapan Citizenship. And by the looks of it, it has become quite a popular thing to do. After all, our cluster is one of the most organised ones in the galaxy and so it is understandable that people like to live or simply retire here.

“What do you think of the idea of people who have once served for the Hapes Consortium, for a minimum of four months, keeping a Hapan Citizenship, Minister Baynos?” I asked Mors Baynos only a day ago as I coincidently bumped into him in the Royal Palace on Hapes.

“I think the new bill passed will help to bring prosperity to our fair and noble kingdom,” the young Minister states, “the increase of official citizens will help increase productivity and creativity throughout the cluster and improve all Hapans' general lives.”

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