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Governors Race

Famous Race Later this week the Governors of Hapes will be meeting up for the yearly Gov Race around the cluster. The race goes through 20 systems with over 150 checkpoints. Space, Ground and Orbit The Governors will be required to travel in HS, Sublight and on surfaces. Each system has a main checkpoint, then many others located on different terrains. Personal Investment The Governors use their private ships and vehicles. They may upgrade as much as they like. The winner is whoever needs the least time. 50 million Win Though the winner receives 50 million in cash, almost all the governors take part for the fun. "It's really fun to get together and just have a good time. We meet up in the evenings after managing the daily checkpoints and have a good drink. I love getting away from all the politics, at least once a year," so Governor Trestor.

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