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A Promising Future

Majestic Lorellon bathed its warm rays through the walls of clear permaglass windows of the Lorell Government Centre’s conference room. The main government headquarters of the ever-important Lorell sector situated in the capital city of Avalon is a harmonic blend of the traditional and artistic architectural styles of the Hapan Golden Age with more of the modern influences that typify the grandiose urban styles of today. This combination itself is a marked representation of what Lorell has become for the Cluster, that of a bridge between the old traditions of Hapes and its opening to the galactic community.

The conference room, where prior governors of Lorell had once overseen countless ministerial meetings and debates which would dictate future Lorellian policies, was adorned with various ancient Hapan tapestry and artwork, handcrafted paper lamps, and intricate sculptures of nature motifs made out of stained Vors-glass. The walls shimmered with a golden lustre and reflected brilliantly off the silverwood-paneled floor. The rest of the room, however, was bare, save for two hand-carved armchairs made of pleekwood, a rarity considering the variety of furniture made of synthetically-created woods that were being massed produced nowadays.

Ariath Windcloud, the new Archon of the Hapan Rifle Worlds, enters the conference room with Sub-Lieutenant Carrie Jade, a reporter of the Hapan Star. Ariath, dressed in his trademark white long coat and grey slacks, brushes his unkept platinum-white hair back as he helps Carrie to one of the pleekwood armchairs. He takes the other chair that is directly across.

”Ariath, thank you very much indeed for coming to this interview.”

Ariath offers a smile as Carrie begins the interview.

“My pleasure, Carrie. I’m rather relieved that it is you that is interviewing me. You know how difficult it is for me to speak about myself in such a formal manner. But I shall do my best.”

”How does it feel to be announced the new Archon of the Rifle Worlds of the Lorell system, and this by the King himself?”

Ariath’s emerald green eyes were turned towards the window as he thought about the question, harking back to the moment when he and House Windcloud received the formal invitation and the uproar that ensued.

”Well I shall be perfectly honest. It was an absolute shock for me and my family that I would even be considered for such a position. It is an honor to be chosen, for sure. But, I do not know what exactly makes me qualified to be in such a high position. It is still bewilderment for me that I was even considered. I have never held a political office before, as I have spent most of my life as a naval officer. In fact, to be quite honest, I have little interest in politics. But I am sure His Majesty and the Royal Council thought something of me to have handpicked me for this important position. I will do my best to honor their choice.”

”I’m sure you will, Ariath. But tell me; have you any great plans of changing much in the Rifle Worlds?”

”I only wish to keep the Rifle Worlds and Lorell especially, along the prosperous path that my predecessors have created. As I said earlier, a politician I am not. But I will do my best for the betterment of all the Rifle Worlds and its people. I do envision the Rifle Worlds, especially the Lorell system, to become a true galactic hub of economic advancement and cultural integration and serve as a gateway between the Cluster and the galactic community.”

”Well, personally I think that they have chosen the perfect Archon for the Rifle Worlds. But now to the next question, what is your relationship to the other two Archons like?”

Ariath taps the tip of his index finger gently on his chin as he recalls the first meetings he had with his fellow Archons.

”I briefly met Mythathial, the new Archon of the Interior Region, during our initial meetings. It was a little challenging communicating with the Wookie, but from even our brief encounters, I know him to be very intelligent and I look forward to working with him in the near future.”

As his mind drifts to the third Archon, Alex Tylger, the expression on Ariath’s face grows darker. He allows his words to trail off as he began to speak, as Ariath clearly attempts to hide his true words rather than struggle to form them.

”As for the new Archon of the Rim Worlds.... Well, I do not think there is much that needs to be said about Lord Tylger that hasn’t already been mentioned. My words would only serve to diminish his great achievements and service for the Hapan people. We have not had the opportunity to converse much, but I am sure those moments will arise, soon enough.”

”Before you became an Archon, you were a naval officer. Do you think you will miss working with your naval colleagues?”

Again, Carrie presents Ariath with another question that causes him to pause briefly in deep thought. There was clear tone of regret and sadness as he began to phrase his answer.

”I do miss serving in the Navy and I do regret having to resign from my post. I was fortunate to be under the command of great commanders and to be associated with such brilliant officers in that fleet which I served in. I hope one day we can work together again in some sort of capacity.”

”It sounds as if you really enjoyed your work in the Navy. But I’m sure you will hear enough from your former colleagues in the future, and you will also be distracted by your new job.

However, now to the last question; What may your plans be for the future, Ariath? And by this I do not specifically mean the Rifle Worlds, but your general plans for the future.”

”Plans for the future? Well I am not much of a dreamer. I like to keep my feet firmly planted, as they say. Unfortunately, for some, there comes a realization that many of the situations we find ourselves in aren’t really in our control. Whatever the case may be, our only option is to keep moving forward and do what we can with what has been given to us. I will certainly apply the same motivation during my tenure as Archon.”

”Ariath, I am sure a great future awaits you. But now we’ve come to the end of the interview, and I would like to thank you very much again for coming to this interview Ariath, it was a pleasure.”

Ariath rose from his chair and offered his hand in gratitude. He smiled, looking more at ease again.

”The pleasure was all mine, Carrie.”

A tall and dark haired Wookie enters the room. Carrie looks up from her notes, and rises in order to greet the new Archon of the Interior Region. Looking up at the Wookie, she smiles briefly and then gestures him to take a seat opposite her.

”Mythathial, thank you very much indeed for coming to this interview.”

He nods in acknowledgement.

”Well, I shall start with the questions immediately. How does it feel to be announced the new Archon of the Interior Region of the Lorell system, and this by the King himself?”

”Well, It was a complete surprise. I am extremely honoured to have been appointed to this position.”

”Have you any great plans of changing much in the Interior Region?”

”As of yet, I haven't made any major plans to change the Interior Region. The region has worked well the way it is for a long time, so I really see no need to change a lot of things. As needs arise, changes will be made of course, but until then I don't intend to change much.”

”What is your relationship to the other two Archons of the Lorell system like?”

”Well, I really never had much contact with the other two Archons prior to our appointment to the position. However, when needed, we do work together well.”

”Before you became an Archon, you were a Phoenix Guardian. Do you think you will miss working with your former colleagues?”

”Yes. It was a very difficult decision to leave Phoenix.”

”Well, now to the last question; what may your plans be for the future? And by this I do not specifically mean the Interior Regions, but your general plans for the future.”

”Well, I've never really been one to plan for my future. I prefer to just go with the flow of things. It's worked for me so far, so I doubt I'll stop anytime soon.”

Lord Alexander Tylger enters the room where the interview is to take place. His physique and appearance hints of arranged marriage to breed Hapan perfection in the conservative parts of the Hapes Cluster during the war. He is dressed in a spotless black uniform with crimson stripes at the side of the trousers and tunic. The shoulders are grasped by epaulettes made of silver, shaped like a creature's claws while a red sash with white edges runs from the left epaulette to his waist and whuffa-skin belt. He wears a cape which hangs from his shoulders down to his ankles. His left eye is sparkling blue while the right is disturbingly red with a cut running from his eyebrow to mid-cheek. The right hand's metal surface has been neatly polished and reflects light, quickly drawing attention in that direction.

”Lord Tylger, thank you very much indeed for coming to this interview.”

”You are most welcome, Miss Jade. It is a pleasure to be here.”

”How does it feel to be announced as the new Archon of the Rim Worlds, and this by the King himself?”

”It was certainly a great honour and I felt privileged to be trusted with this grand assignment by His Majesty the King, Prime Minister Jaak and Minister Abriel. My family has deep roots in this area of the Hapes Cluster so being given the task of governing this province is certainly a great thrill for myself. I only hope I will be able to manage in the same degree as my more capable, female ancestors did. I will never be able to achieve their perfection in leadership, but one can hope?” He smiles

”Have you any great plans of changing things in the Rim Worlds?”

”Certainly. The Rim Worlds were among the most heavily populated systems before the war, with enormous metropolises which spanned continents. Billions of people resided in this area of the Hapes Cluster. Of course the war had a terrible impact on this region and little remain of those monumental cities. I hope to restore the grand cities to their former glory, using traditional pre-Dark Age architecture to give the entire region a classic and familiar feel for many. Designs and models have been submitted to the Ministry of the Interior leadership and some have already been approved, and we have been given partial go-ahead on a budget submission to the Ministry of Finance. We have started advertising on Lorell and Terephon that new cities will need both residents and workers in the Rim Worlds provinces and this way we hope some will relocate to more outlying systems and at the same time clear up space in the heavily populated regions of the cluster. There will be great benefits for those willing to move, of course. He folds his hands I wish to make the Rim Worlds as monumental and grand as Lorell, Terephon and even Hapes Prime itself. A broad smile escapes his lips. In addition, we will be putting great emphasis on the defensive structures in this area of space, starting with the construction of new Golan II defence stations, planetary computer control systems and the like. I am sure Chief Marshal Amethius, his Excellency of Charu, and his logistics colleagues will have enough to do in the time ahead.”

”What is your relationship to the other two Archons like?”

”I will have to admit that I do not know Archon Mythathial personally, though I have heard of his record in the Phoenix and that he has skills as an architect which are admired even by Prime Minister Jaak, his Excellency of Abaem. I am sure I will get a chance to meet him soon enough. He smirks sheepishly. Now Archon Windcloud is a different matter. While I have not met him in person I have spoken to him briefly over the Hapan holonet on one or two occasions. Being a historian in my own Ministry, family and house history is something I've spent a great deal of time documenting. I am very familiar with his family and house, which has ties to House Ci'hani of which my grandfather belonged to. Archon Windcloud's mother was second cousin to my father. So in a way, I suppose we are of the same blood. Draconian Hapans. I am sure we can easily work together on developing the Hapes Cluster's worlds.”

”Well, now to the last question; what may your plans be for the future? And by this I do not specifically mean the Rim Worlds, but your general plans for the future.”

”I plan to stick with my work in both the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of the Interior while the Hapes Consortium continues on through it's second golden age. I am pleased that I can be a part of His Majesty's inner circle of leaders and help shape the Consortium's future. The leadership of Hapes is unique. While all are not natives of the Cluster, all of them have devoted themselves completely to Hapes and that is what matters. I was personally very sad to see Lord Starfyre and Lord Tyrridon go. One can only hope that they will return one day. Fortunately we had good men to fill their shoes. A few of the leaders who are to be commended are Captain Firecam, Ministers Abriel and Baynos and of course Lords Jaak and Bayne. I would also like to take the opportunity to welcome Lords Lant and Amethius in to the circle of Lords. Congratulations to both. Hapes would not be the same without them. Meanwhile I hope that my own contribution to Hapes is a valuable one. Other than that I have some plans for the further development of my own homeworld, Arxian, which is located in the Rim Worlds. My house is purchasing the raw materials, from our friends in Akheton mining that are needed for some large projects I have planned. And as always, my noble house is prospering with the admission of a few new Soldurï and a Vilicus. I plan on expanding our personal security force some and have an upcoming trip to the outer rim of the galaxy with a few of my daughters. I am hoping it will be profitable.”

”And I’m positive that all will go according to plan. But now we’ve come to the end of this interview. I would like to thank you once more for coming to this interview my Lord, it was a pleasure.”

”The pleasure was all mine, Miss Jade. Good luck with your paper.”

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