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Joining Hapes

Mandatory Step - Filling out the Hapes Consortium join form

Joining the Star Wars Combine was an excellent decision, here is your chance to make your second.

This information will be kept on your profile for future reference and will help us to assign you to the best position, for both you and us. Try to fill the form out as excactly as you can before applying with the Hapes Consortium on the Star Wars Combine.


Enter your SWCombine handle here*:


Current email address*:

Have you been in any other groups before?
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Why do you want to join Hapes?

Where did you hear about Hapes:



Who recruited you to Hapes?

If you have ICQ please enter your number here

What would you like to do in Hapes?

What is your characters gender?

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What is your characters race?

What is your current position in the galaxy?
(This is needed if you are to be picked up)

Do you have any special OOC capabilities, e.g. PHP coding, PhotoShop etc?

Any extra comments:

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