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Trading goods and services is the livelihood of many beings across the Galaxy, and is a good source of extra income for those who are employed in corporations and governments. While wages give you a good starting point for acquiring personal equipment, ships, vehicles and the like, careful investments and skilled bartering is often the key to obtaining prominent wealth on the side.

Galactic commerce is, however, not without risk and dangers, as it involves a great deal of trust from all parties involved in a transaction. While the majority of merchants and traders are honest beings looking for a special ship they want, or looking to make a tidy profit, there are some who prey on the honesty and good will of others. This section aims to offer traders some advice for how to conduct business in a safe manner.

If you are the victim of a scam or theft, contact the Ministry of the Interior with all the relevant details. Note that the Hapes Consortium has a zero-tolerance when it comes to theft and scamming, and Hapan citizens will be prosecuted if they engage in such activity.

General Advice

Follow these guidlines on how to conduct safe transactions:

  • Always use a middle-man for your transactions, especially if it involves a significant sum. The Hapes Consortium has a number of insured traders who can be the middleman in a transaction, but there are also other reputable traders to use for this purpose;
  • When using a middleman, make sure that you contact the middleman and ask for their assistance in the transaction. Do not send assets to them without checking beforehand if they are available and willing to do the task. Also, be sure to include all details of the pending transaction in your request for assistance, especially if there are specific terms agreed upon between yourself and the other party (undocked entity, in a special location, etc);
  • Always reference lists of known scammers and thieves before conducting a transaction;
  • Being polite and courteous to those you trade with;
  • When purchasing entities such as ships, items, vehicles, etc, make sure that the listing of the product contains all the necessary information. Entities may be docked inside larger ones, such as private capital ships and facilities, or located on the surface of planets that are shielded;
  • When purchasing facilities, enquire as to whether power supply is guaranteed, and who owns the generator that powers the facility. Unpowered facilities do not generate income;
  • When purchasing property in general, investigate whether the planet is accessible or shielded, and whether it is contested territory. Occasionally governments and corporations temporarily lose control of a planet, causing others to build illegally on the land to sell for a quick profit to unsuspecting traders. Purchasing such property can cause diplomatic problems and is highly discouraged;
  • Reference lists of safe and recommended companies when purchasing goods from production suppliers;
  • Reference the Hapes Consortium's laws on contraband to make sure you are not importing illegal goods to the Cluster.

Useful Lists

Apart from the Hapes Consortium's insured traders, consider these middlemen:

Recommended Venues

Much of the Galaxy utilizes the Centrepoint Space Station Market in order to conduct trading and transactions. However, scams and thievery can occur even in this legitimate setting, and you should always reference lists of thieves and scammers, as well as utilize a middleman, before conducting a transaction there. Even if a person has a clean trading record on the Centrepoint Market, they can still be listed as thieves and scammers on off-site lists. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules of the Market before engaging in transactions.

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