Hapan Date: Year 4045 Day 17
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Besides offering you neutral ground, a safe home and a planet where many other cmg's are established the Hapes Consortium offers you a bright future. Be it the helping hand in your delicate starting period or aiding you when times are hard the Hapes Consortium takes care of you. We offer funding budgets and development budgets for your cmg as well as protection within our space. For more details contact the Chairman of the Royal League of Commerce, Fel`da Har Tay.

League Council
Fel`da of Industry
Alarendor Cyrus
Fel`da of Finance
Position Vacant
Hun Leonard
Endara Reclaim Industries
Position Vacant
Endara Mining Corporation
Danakin Turner

Mission Statement

To ensure the industrial capacity of Hapan society by:

  • Co-ordinating on all industrial and logistical projects involving several of the League corporations;
  • Constructing starfighters, freighters, capital ships, satellites, and shipyards ordered by the Ministry of Industry;
  • Demolishing and recycling of all entities deemed derelict by the Ministry of Industry;
  • Prospecting worlds and mining the raw materials necessary to carry out all of the Hapes Consortium's industrial projects;
  • Ensuring that those employed by the Crown Corporations have equal wages and equal rights as those employed by the Hapes Consortium proper.

Crown Corporations

The following companies have already secured their future with the Hapes Consortium:

Endara Mining Corporation


Endara Reclaim Industries

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