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The Fountain Palace, situated in the center of Chume'Dan on Hapes, is the nexus of power in the Hapes Consortium. The palace complex is surrounded by a vast garden decorated with fountains and statues that pays homage to the Hapan love of nature, as well as the long and proud history of the Consortium. The revered Royal Family resides within this massive structure and rules over the peoples of the Hapes Cluster in accordance with ancient traditions.

House Kadrim

Zayth Rai`ix Chume Kadrim
King of the Hapes Consortium

Historical Background

For millennia, the Hapes Consortium was ruled by dynasties of Queen Mothers, styled Ta`a Chume after the woman who ended the dominion of the Lorell Raiders over Hapes. As the Hapan civilization grew independently of foreign influence within the secluded the Hapes Cluster, so did the power of its monarchs. Revered and idolized by the populace, the status of the monarch reached its pinnacle in the decades prior to the Consortium's Dark Age.

During the Dark Age, Hapan nobility fought for supremacy to determine who the next monarch would be, and the Consortium was plunged in to a civil war that would last over half a century. The conflict triggered a shift in values and traditions on many Hapan worlds, paving the way for the Consortium's first Hapan monarch, Andrew I in 4000.

Andrew's lengthy reign, with focus on the reconstruction of Hapan society, led to commonplace acceptance for male equality across the Consortium. During this era, the Consortium saw partial opening of its borders for the sake of economic recovery, and ancient rivalries between dominant Hapan factions and houses were finally settled. Andrew I was eventually succeeded in 4027 by James I, a distant descendant of the Consortium's third dynasty - the Tini`durans.

James I's decade on the Hapan Throne saw a new golden age for the Hapes Consortium where the government became increasingly involved in the affairs of the Galaxy outside the Hapes Cluster. A rapid militarization and extensive economic boom followed, putting the Consortium among the Galaxy's leading governments.

Alexander I came to power in 4037. A conservative Hapan nobleman descended from the Pal`durath dynasty, Alexander set out to bring about a cultural renaissance. The dynasty sought to recapture the past glories and traditions of the Consortium and combine them with the modern Hapan society.

The current Rai`ix Chume, Zayth I assumed the throne in late 4040.

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