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The Office of the Ombudsman is an independent entity within the Hapan hierarchy whose primary purpose is to act as a medium between the Hapan people and the Hapan Government. The Office is led by the Ombudsman of the Consortium (commonly shortened to simply "the Ombudsman"), who is the only popularly elected official in the Hapes Consortium. The Ombudsman post is widely respected in the Consortium as a position of great importance.

Current Ombudsman


Mission Statement

The Office of the Ombudsman is charged with many duties, including (for example):

  • Hearing of inquiries, complaints, or otherwise;
  • Maintenance of public morale;
  • Mentorship of new Hapan citizens;
  • Service as a defense attorney; and
  • Many other duties.

  • History

    The Office of the Ombudsman was established in the fall of 4032 in order to provide the Hapan people with an elected link to the Hapan Government. Following its establishment, ten different Ombudsmen served a total of thirteen terms before the position fell into disfavor and, after being defunct for an extended period of time, was finally abolished in early 4037.

    In late 4037, discussion began in Lorell Hall regarding the re-institution, re-imagining, and revitalization of the Office of the Ombudsman, and after months of deliberation, the position was formally re-introduced to the Hapan public with the passage of the new Ombudsman Act in early 4038.

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