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The Ministry of Finance, a department of the Hapan Government under His Sovereign Majesty King Alexander I, is responsible for administrating the Hapes Consortium's economy. It records financial data and reports to the Royal Council on the amount of revenue flowing into the Consortium's coffers each month, and is also tasked with distributing wages to the Hapan populace on a monthly basis based on the civilian title held by each individual. In concert with the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Finance also oversees the Royal League of Commerce and tends to the financial needs of the Crown Corporations.

Ministry Staff
Fel`da of Finance
Position Vacant
Fel`ta of Finance
Position Vacant

Mission Statement

To ensure the economic stability of Hapan society by:

  • The planning of ecumenopolises to provide major revenue for the government;
  • The distribution of wages and bonuses to the active Hapan labor force;
  • The maintenance of a list of traders and middlemen insured by the Hapan Government for the benefit of Hapan traders and merchants;
  • The organization of raffles and games, involving financial benefits, for the enjoyment of the Hapan populace;
  • Overseeing and directing the Crown Corporations of the Consortium through the Royal League of Commerce.


The Ministry of Finance tries to stay in touch with the members of the Hapes Consortium and provides an easy way of getting help, when needed, regarding anything to do with finance.

Wage Policy
Wages are only paid if the member has been active the whole month. If a member informs his/her commanding officer or superior of any upcoming inactivity then they shall receive their pay check nonetheless.

However, wages are only paid out accordingly if your DARKNESS INFO FIELDS [information fields on the SWCombine site] are correct; your commanding officer or superior is responsible for keeping these up to date.

Wages are generally paid out the by the end of each month, however it can be delayed if the Fel`da of Finance is away on leave or is waiting for a few info fields to be updated.

Please note that each member is responsible for his / her own info fields. They must make sure that their CO updates them every once in a while. If these are not up to date or are empty, and you receive a lower wage than you should or none at all, it is your own fault. Missed wages will not be repaid.


First established during the modern era in 4026, the Ministry of Finance was tasked with managing and overseeing transactions and investments that the Hapan Government made in relation to foreign corporations that were interested in establishing ties with the Hapes Consortium. Its duties were later expanded to include the distribution of wages and budgets to the Hapan populace employed by the Hapan Government or Crown Corporations. The Ministry is known for working closely with the Ministry of Industry, and several Fel`da of Finance have in the past been Associate Fel`da of Industry, helping with major construction project aimed at creating revenue for the Hapan Government.

A small, yet important department, the Ministry of Finance has always relied heavily on highly trusted and competent individuals to manage its duties. Typically those leading the Ministry are considered to be among the most reliable and reputable of the Consortium's citizens, due to their unrestricted access to the state coffers. The Ministry's Fel`da are often the most stable of all those sitting on the Royal Council, in part due to the less-than-strenuous duties affiliated with the department. Past Fel`da of note include Carrie Jade, Aviana Badara, and Alley Trepe.

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