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The Hapes Consortium strives to maintain a non-interventionist and neutral stance in the Galaxy, motived by millennia of relative isolationism. Regardless of ideological differences between the Consortium and many of the Galaxy's governments and power blocs, there is a strong belief within the Hapan Government that dialogue and diplomacy is important to maintain peace.

Diplomatic Options
  • Default Neutrality - Assumed stance towards any group the Hapes Consortium has had no contact with.
  • Non-Aggression Pact - The first basic step of diplomacy between the Hapes Consortium and another organization. (Governments and military organizations only)
  • Friendship Pact - The second step of diplomacy between the Hapes Consortium and another government or organization, involving some levels of co-operation for mutual benefits.
  • Nationalization - Nationalization of a corporation as a Municipal Corporation of the Hapes Consortium. (Ownership retained by majority stock holders, but close ties with the Consortium)
  • Alliance - The third step of diplomacy between the Hapes Consortium and another government, involving mutual policies, military co-operation, and economic partnership. (Governments only)

  • Allies of the Hapes Consortium

    Neshig Accords

    With a long history of friendly relations between the Hapes Consortium and Trade Federation, the alliance between the two governments was finally declared in 4037.

    The alliance is an economic, military, and political partnership, meaning co-operative economic and industrial endeavors, mutual defense pact, and a joint foreign policy.

    Together with the Trade Federation, the Hapes Consortium shares jurisdiction over the sector of space called Neshig.

    Treaty of Forsetti

    The Galactic Concordiate (GC) is the largest neutral alliance in the galaxy and spans over 35 sectors and 650 planets. Its sovereign states include Hapes Consortium, Trade Federation, Mandalore, Tion Hegemony, Aurodium Legion and Avance Coalition.

    Founded in 4040 with the ratification of the Treaty of Forsetti, the stated aims of the Concordiate include promoting mutual cooperation, economic interdependence, intergovernmental friendship, and collective defense in order to further peace and prosperity.

    The Concordiate plans to achieve its peaceful mission by developing a unified network of sovereign and member states that will support one another, and thus ensure stability throughout the galaxy.

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