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The Ministry of External Affairs, a department of the Hapan Government under His Sovereign Majesty King Alexander I, is responsible for representing the Hapes Consortium's interests in the greater Galaxy. The Ministry implements the Government's foreign policies by maintaining and expanding friendly relations with other governments and powers, and gives policy advice to the Hapan Government regarding the formulation and implementation of its diplomacy and trade policies. The promotion and establishment of external trade and economic relations through negotiation is an important function of the Ministry, and the diplomatic missions abroad assist with the responsibility for trade policy implementation and coordination of trade promotion activities, while also identifying and encouraging potential foreign investors.

The Ministry records and advises on Hapan accession and ratification of treaties, conventions and agreements. Additionally, the Ministry carries out depository functions for various regional and Galactic agreements, a function which is obligatory under Hapan law. The Ministry also deals with consular matters, including issues relating to the status of refugees and political or diplomatic asylum.

In addition to the management of political, economic and trade relations with other governments, corporations and organizations, the Ministry plays an important role in such areas as the negotiation and administration of foreign aid and is the Hapan Government's official channel of communication, particularly with all foreign diplomatic missions and Galactic organizations based in Hapes Cluster.

Ministry Staff
Fel`da of External Affairs
Position Vacant
Fel`ta of External Affairs
Position Vacant

Mission Statement

To ensure the fostering of diplomatic relations by:

  • Promoting peaceful relations with the Galaxy's powers and governments;
  • Implementing the Hapan Government's foreign policy;
  • Ensuring the recognition of the Hapan Governments by other Galactic powers;
  • Promoting the Hapes Consortium's position of non-intervention and neutrality in most of the Galaxy's conflicts;
  • Establishing trade relations with companies and corporations of interest.


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