Hapan Date: Year 4045 Day 17
Cluster Time: 05:22
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Hapan Internal Security is a department subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. Staffed by trained professionals, it is tasked with investigating and processing new prospective Hapan citizens and clearing them for service in the Hapes Consortium's hierarchy. All members of Hapan Internal Security are closely familiar with the workings of the Galaxy and the Hapes Consortium, and are available to answer any questions that new recruits may have.

Department Staff

Director of Internal Security
Kal Djin


If you are not a member of the Hapes Consortium, you can contact Director Kal Djin by clicking on her avatar. This will open a new window with a Darkness Message to her. If you are already a member, Hapes.org's ComUnit system is typically the most efficient way to establish contact.

Mission Statement

To ensure the protection of Hapan society by:

  • Interviewing and processing prospective citizens;
  • Monitoring the activities of Hapan citizens within and outside the Hapan sphere;
  • Upholding the fair rule of law through a well-organized and neutral judiciary;
  • Enforcing the laws of the Hapes Consortium by all legal and necessary means;
  • Co-ordinating with the Office of Hapan Recruitment and the Ministry of Intelligence; and
  • Co-ordinating with counterpart organizations operating in the other governments of the Imperial Union.

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