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The Ministry of the Interior, a department of the Hapan Government under His Sovereign Majesty King Alexander I, is responsible for internal security, law enforcement, labor, recruitment, culture, education, legislation and the judiciary. It is a conglomeration of several formerly independent ministries including the Ministries of Justice, Culture, and the Interior. It is commonly referred to by the acronym MotI, or by the shorthand term "The Interior."

Ministry Staff
Fel`da of the Interior
Xesh Randell
Fel`ta of the Interior
Har Tay

Mission Statement

To ensure the smooth functioning of Hapan society by:

  • Advancing and fostering the preservation and development of the Consortium's rich cultural heritage;
  • Managing recruitment initiatives for both the Hapan Government and the Royal Hapan Armed Forces;
  • Drafting legislation to protect the interests of the Hapes Consortium and its citizens;
  • Upholding the fair rule of law through a well-organized and neutral judiciary;
  • Overseeing the welfare of employees and military service-members throughout the Consortium and ensuring that all Hapans have an opportunity to work;
  • Enforcing the laws of the Hapes Consortium by all legal and necessary means; and
  • Maintaining the security of the Hapes Consortium through information security, counterintelligence, and counter-infiltration.


The Ministry of the Interior has always existed in one form or another, but soon after the ascension of King James I to the Hapan throne it was formed as the Ministry of Law in 4029 under Alexander Tylger, just prior to the escalation of events in the Black Sun Crisis.

It was later reformed to become the Ministry of the Interior under Zell Jaak and was temporarily merged with the Office of the Prime Minister until the appointment of Celestin Abriel as Minister. It then had varying degrees of authority and influence, temporarily having jurisdiction over such institutions and departments as the Royal League of Commerce, the Curia, and SI7. In 4034 it was reformed into the Ministry of Justice with some areas of jurisdiction being transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence.

Temporarily reformed as an institution entirely separate from the Royal Council of Lorell Hall, the judicial branch took the name Court of the King's Bench in the summer of 4034. Following the resignation of Celestin Abriel in September 4034, the department was frozen until June 4035 when the former Ministries of Justice, Culture and the Interior were reinstated as the Ministry of the Interior under Alexander Tylger. During Tylger's time as Lord Regent, it was made part of the jurisdiction of the Office of the Lord Regent.

In the following years, and under the direction of several different Ministers, the Ministry of the Interior absorbed various other Hapan departments, including the Office of Hapan Recruitment (from the Ministry of External Affairs) and the Department of Internal Security (from the Ministry of Intelligence). Today the Ministry is a large, complex, and vital component of the Hapan Government, and under the direction of its current Minister, Fel`da Regalix Andrew Starfyre, Jr., it stands, as he likes to say, as "The Engine that powers the Consortium."

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