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The Ministry of Intelligence, a department of the Hapan Government under His Sovereign Majesty, King Alexander I, is responsible for gathering and analyzing information on foreign individuals and organizations of interest to the Hapes Consortium and its affiliates. The Ministry of Intelligence is typically known by the acronym MoI, or simply "Intel."

Ministry Staff
Fel`da of Intelligence
Tar` Berianu
Fel`ta of Intelligence
Position Vacant

Mission Statement

To ensure the protection of Hapan society by:

  • Identifying foreign threats against the Hapes Consortium;
  • Acquiring information on the activities of foreign parties and organizations of interest;
  • Organizing such information in an orderly fashion available to the senior leadership of the Consortium;
  • Analysing and planning methods of countering threats against the Consortium;
  • Co-ordinating with counterpart organizations operating in the other governments of the Imperial Union.


The Ministry of Intelligence began as Hapan Intelligence prior to the partial opening of the Hapan borders in 4027. As the Hapes Consortium had little contact with the outside Galaxy prior to this, there was little need to keep an eye on the activities and schemes of other galactic powers who left the Consortium alone.

As Lorell became the Consortium's embassy world and more foreign parties began to interact with Hapans and the Hapan Government, Hapan Intelligence was reorganized in to Royal Hapan Naval Intelligence by Vang Tyrridon. Eventually it became an independent agency known as Central Hapan Intelligence and Royal Hapan Intelligence, before it was finally upgraded to full ministry status in 4030.

In the years that followed, the Ministry went through a number of Ministers, particularly Vang Tyrridon, Mors Baynos, and Zayth Kadrim. At times the Ministry coordinated closely with the Ministry of Justice for the sake of policing and criminal prosecution.

In 4036 the Ministry of Intelligence was downgraded from Ministry status and existed as Hapan Intelligence under the Office of the Prime Minister for a time before becoming decentralized under the leadership of several obscure directors.

Finally, in 4038, the Royal Council voted to reinstate Intelligence as a full Ministry with Royal Council representation.

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