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The Curia

The Curia of the Hapanii For'ta'nix is its guiding authority, granted the responsibility of creating and enforcing the policies and directives that ensure the stability and unity of the entire order. Both a duty and a privilege, those who serve on the Curia are charged with placing the needs of the order above their own and the needs of the Consortium above all else.

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Three individuals serve as the voting members of the Curia. Each holds the responsibility of maintaining the functions and principals of the For'ta'nix, ensuring that it continues to provide the services and guidance necessary for their fellow tar' Hapanii. Individuals of leadership and wisdom, each understands that their personal desires are secondary matters to those they are called upon to oversee.

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Those of the Curia often require more voices than their three. The wisest and most trusted of the takari are occasionally called upon to join them in their chambers, lending years of sage advice to their deliberations. Though they hold no formal power within the Curia, their words alone carry significant weight to those who bear such burdens, just as they do for those who study under their tutelage.

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