Hapan Date: Year 4045 Day 17
Cluster Time: 05:26
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Hapanii For`ta`nix
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Greetings, to you who would seek wisdom or power in the hallowed halls. We are the Hapanii For'ta'nix, the Hapan Order of the Force, in whom the Hapes Consortium has entrusted those born to wield the mystical and marvelous powers of the galaxy. We come from all walks of life, from all corners of the Cluster, from each branch of service to the Rai'ix Chume.

Within the borders of the Hapan Cluster, all those of the Force are of the For'ta'nix and hold to no other. The troubles of the Sith and the Jedi are not our own, for both Light and Dark are amongst us, having found a single cause in which to apply their talents: Service to Hapes before all others. Through this purpose, our labours are driven to excellence, bonded together such that the discord experienced between the light and the dark are given no harbour.

Welcome now, to this place of unity, of purpose, and of sanctuary. Leave your conflict behind you and enter the place of our respite.

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