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Hapan Laws

These are the laws of the Hapes Consortium. Every Hapan, no matter their professional situation, and every foreigner within Hapan territory, must abide by them. Failure to do so will result in their prosecution within the full extent of the law.

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for their legislation and enforcement. Any questions or comments concerning points of law should be sent to the Minister of the Interior.

Please select the law you wish to review from the Hapan database:

Criminal Code
Civilian Act
Structure Appendix
Territorial Security Act
War Measures Act
Military Code of Service
Ombudsman Act
Peerage Act
Royalty Act
General Rules
Jobs & Transfer Guide


War Measures Act

Chapter I: "Period of Effect"

1. This act shall come into effect during a state of war or national emergency, by proclamation of the Sovereign. It shall last until the end of the war or emergency, unless otherwise decreed by the Sovereign.

Chapter II: "Martial Law"

1. Upon proclamation of this act into effect, His Majesty's Government may take measures notwithstanding certain clauses of the Constitution, or any law deemed as detrimental to the war effort.

2. All physical assets within the Cluster may be appropriated by His Majesty's Government to aid in the war effort.

3. All Hapan Citizens and all nationalized corporations shall cease any trading with entities or individuals that conduct activity detrimental to the war effort.

4. An emergency tax measure may be implemented to finance the war effort.

5. The Consortium may demand that certain nationalized corporations manufacture products to benefit the war effort in lieu of the usual production line.

6. No soldier shall leave the Armed Forces unless permission has been granted by the Sovereign. Anyone who leaves without such permission shall be charged with Desertion and may face a penalty of death.

7. Ministers of the Crown and High Command Officers, with the consent of the Sovereign, may issue immediate orders to arrest anyone suspected for committing a crime, breaking any clause of this Act, desertion or collaborating with the enemy.

8. His Majesty's Government may set all Hapan star systems as "Closed" to all forms of entry by any sentient beings.

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