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Hapan Laws

These are the laws of the Hapes Consortium. Every Hapan, no matter their professional situation, and every foreigner within Hapan territory, must abide by them. Failure to do so will result in their prosecution within the full extent of the law.

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for their legislation and enforcement. Any questions or comments concerning points of law should be sent to the Minister of the Interior.

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2 Alexander I, c. 01.IV.11

Chapter I: Definitions
Chapter II: Territorial Rules
Chapter III: Violations


A. "Closed Territory" - Territory that Foreigners are not permitted to enter.

B. "Foreigner" - A person that does not meet the definitions of a Hapan Citizen in accordance with the Civilian Act.

C. "Hapan Government" - The King, or a ministry or multiple ministries of the Royal Council operating in the name of, and with the approval of, the King.

D. "Territory" - Any space, planetary bodies, stars, moons, asteroids, comets, gaseous clouds and other bodies, vessels, vehicles, space stations and facilities within the political boundaries of the Hapes Consortium (including, but not limited to, the Hapes Cluster).


A. Foreigners may freely enter and exit the Lorell star system. However, the Hapan Government may, if properly announced, suspend this right at any time.

B. All Territory, other than the Lorell star system, is Closed Territory.

C. Foreigners may submit a written request for entry into Closed Territory to the Minister of the Interior. The Minister is under no obligation to grant the request, except by order of the Sovereign, and may lay out restrictions upon the Foreigner's actions in the Territory in question. A request for entry must include:
1. The name of the person or persons wishing to enter; and
2. The specific purpose or purposes for entry.

D. If a request for entry into Closed Territory is granted, the Hapan Government shall have the absolute right to assign escort for the Foreigner or Foreigners.

E. Foreigners that are granted entry into Closed Territory must strictly adhere to the purpose or purposes described in the request for entry. Foreigners must also adhere to any restrictions the Minister of the Interior places upon their visit to the Closed Territory. Any such restrictions shall take precedence over any purposes listed in the request for entry.


A. Foreigners that enter Closed Territory without an approved request for entry shall be in violation of this Act and subject to immediate arrest by Hapan Government forces.

B. Foreigners that do not adhere to the purposes described in their request for entry to Close Territory, or do not obey the restrictions placed upon their visit by the Minister of the Interior, or both, shall be in violation of this Act and subject to immediate arrest by Hapan Government forces.

C. Any Foreigner that resists arrest for a violation of this Act may be immediately destroyed by Hapan Government forces.

D. Any Foreigner arrested for a violation of this Act may be prosecuted according to Hapan law.

E. Any Hapan Citizen who aids or conspires with a Foreigner to violate this Act shall be subject to the appropriate provisions of the Criminal Code.


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