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Hapan Laws

These are the laws of the Hapes Consortium. Every Hapan, no matter their professional situation, and every foreigner within Hapan territory, must abide by them. Failure to do so will result in their prosecution within the full extent of the law.

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for their legislation and enforcement. Any questions or comments concerning points of law should be sent to the Minister of the Interior.

Please select the law you wish to review from the Hapan database:

Criminal Code
Civilian Act
Structure Appendix
Territorial Security Act
War Measures Act
Military Code of Service
Ombudsman Act
Peerage Act
Royalty Act
General Rules
Jobs & Transfer Guide


Jobs & Transfer Guide

I - Choice of Branch
II - Jobs in Hapes
III - Divisional Transfer



I - Choice of Branch [top]

New members of the Hapes Consortium have the following options.
1. Enlisting in the Royal Hapan Armed Forces for an initial three month tour of mandatory duty, which can be extended indefinitely.
a. While serving in the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, members may also volunteer to do part time duties in the Royal Hapan Government that do not require their participation in Darkness-related activites that distract them from Military duties. These will be posted on the Job Board by Government officials.
b. At any time after the conclusion of the initial three month mandatory tour of duty in the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, a citizen can request permanent transfer to a different branch or division of the Hapes Consortium, in accordance with the procedures outlined in the following sections of this document.
2. Signing up for service in a Hapan Crown Corporation (Endara Mining Corporation, Endara Reclaim Industries, Olanji Corporation.)
a. While serving in the Crown Corporations, members may also volunteer to do part time duties in the Royal Hapan Government that do not require their participation in Darkness-related activites that distract them from corporate duties. These will be posted on the Job Board by Government officials.
3. No matter what career aspirations an individual has, the Robin Hood School of Education must be completed before any proper service can commence.

II - Jobs in Hapes [top]

1. Different branches and divisions of the Hapes Consortium (except the Royal Hapan Armed Forces) must maintain an active listing of available jobs on the Job Board.
2. An interested member must follow the procedures outlined in the listing as to how to apply for the job in question. In some cases, this might require you to post in the relevant thread, but in others you may be asked to submit your application via ComUnit.
3. Branches or divisions of the Hapes Consortium should recruit through the Job Board. They are permitted to let people know of such listings, but recruiting members without proper tasks in mind is discouraged, unless a nationalized faction is under the required membership levels.

III - Divisional Transfer [top]

There is a certain amount of paperwork involved in transferring between divisions and branches of the Hapes Consortium to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The procedures are as follows:
1. The citizen must follow the procedures of the Job Board listing in applying for the job in question as outlined in II-2.
2. It is then up to the poster of the listing to accept or decline the application.
3. The applicant must then contact their current superior, such as a Fleet Commander, and notify them of their application.
a. If the applicant and his current branch are engaged in a mission or task of high importance, any transfer request can be delayed until the mission completion.
4. The applicant's current superior must then contact the person who posted the job listing to confirm the details. If the listing involves transfer to or from a Crown Corporation, the "receiving" division MUST notify these individuals of the impending, approved transfer:
a. The Director of Internal Security
b. The Fel`da of the Interior
5. Once both sides accept the request, the applicant must put in a proper Divisional Transfer request under Level 1 of the members section.
6. The transfer is approved.
a. In case of transfer to a Crown Corporation, the applicant departs the Hapes Consortium with a clear departure message stating their destination.
b. The receiving Crown Corporation notifies the Director of Internal Security that the member was received.
i. Failure to notify will result in locking of the applicant's accounts until such time that proper notification has been given to Internal Security.

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