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Hapan Laws

These are the laws of the Hapes Consortium. Every Hapan, no matter their professional situation, and every foreigner within Hapan territory, must abide by them. Failure to do so will result in their prosecution within the full extent of the law.

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for their legislation and enforcement. Any questions or comments concerning points of law should be sent to the Minister of the Interior.

Please select the law you wish to review from the Hapan database:

Criminal Code
Civilian Act
Structure Appendix
Territorial Security Act
War Measures Act
Military Code of Service
Ombudsman Act
Peerage Act
Royalty Act
General Rules
Jobs & Transfer Guide


General Rules:

OOC Rules
General Requirements
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)



OOC Rules [top]

The Hapes Consortium strives, as a group of players, to create an environment free of real life discrimination and harassment, and therefore has the moral responsibility to enforce a certain OOC etiquette for the wellbeing of the players who take part in this simulation.

All players are to respect the dignity of one another and not, in any way shape or form, discriminate against one another on the basis of real life race, sex, faith, nationality, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, socio-political affiliation, etc.

Any player who knowingly harasses another in any way shape or form will be expelled from the Hapes Consortium and any of its affiliates, boards, chat rooms, etc. Major cases of harassment will also be reported to the Combine Administration.


General Requirements [top]

§1 All Hapans should use IRC when possible.

§2 Members must login frequently on the Hapes site and on the SWCombine site.

§3 Members must fill out a Leave of Absence (LoA) when leaving or they will be considered AWOL.

§4 Hapan members visiting message boards hosted by the Star Wars Combine are required to use their Hapan sigs in their posts.

§5 If a Hapan leaves the Hapes Consortium faction under official business (whether joining a NAT or leaving the faction on an official mission for the faction, or some other approved reason), he or she MUST list the reason for leaving in the box provided in Darkness. If the reason is not listed, his or her hapes.org account will be locked and his or her message board privs revoked.

§6 When e-mailing or comunit messaging a higher-ranked Hapan, a member should show proper respect by using terms such as "Sir."

§7 Signature card rules (all Hapans are required to have sig cards) can be found in the Graphics Corner on the Hapan forums.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) [top]

§1 Use of the #CMG-Hapes Channel
The #CMG-Hapes room on IRC is the main, private chatroom for use of the Hapes Consortium and its Crown Corporations' members. Non-members are not permitted to be in this room. While the atmosphere of this room is largely OOC in terms of topics of conversation, the IC chain of command is observed and respected in this channel.

§2 Nickname / Display name
The nick you use should be your official combine handle (slight changes are allowed), or a nick that is distinctly yours and easily recognizable as being yours. See §4, below, for information about displaying rank. If you are visiting another chat room somewhere else and wish to use another nick we suggest you open another mIRC window and change your nick in there.

§3 Status Indicators
Changing your name to represent your status is strongly encouraged, e.g. Arthur to [A]rthur or Jerry to Jerry[a] (the [a] in this case indicating away), or King_Tylger[N/A] (N/A = Not Available) and so on.

§4 Rank
All officers of the RHAF and Ministers of the Crown must show their rank at all times. For example, Jack Brown is an Ensign in the RHN. His name should be "ENS_Jack_Brown" or simply "ENS_Brown." A full list of appropriate rank abbreviations can be found on the ranks page.

§5 Conduct
It is expected that all members are courteous to one-another and that they show proper respect and conduct. Disrupting the peace will result in a PM warning, then a kick, then a ban. Depending on the severity of the offense, there may be consequences outside of IRC (e.g. demotion, pay reduction).

§6 Bowing / Saluting
* When you enter a room you must salute all higher ranking officers.
* Should an officer ranked the equivalent of Commodore or above enter the room, the highest ranking officer present must salute on behalf of the rest of the officers in the room. (If the highest ranking officer is higher ranked than the Flag officer entering the room, the roles are reversed as per the above rule).
* All civilians must nod to the Prime Minister and Ministers of the Crown.
* You must bow to all nobles upon entering the room.
* You are required to kneel to the King should he enter the room or be present when you enter.

§7 Personal Boundaries & Public Displays
While friendships and relationships between members are commonplace, do keep in mind that it is possible for excessive displays of affection in the room to go too far.

§8 Swearing
Swearing is allowed to a certain degree. It is not allowed to swear at somebody or about someone (i.e.: I hate my f***ing CO) it is however allowed to swear in extreme cases (i.e.: you find out your emails were hacked, i.e.: "F***ing hell!"). Swearing all the time, repeatingly or for the sake of it will not be tolerated.

§9 Channel Administration Levels
The IRC channels of the Hapes Consortium are administrated by various Hapan officials according to the following chart:
Super op (&) - Fel`da Regalix
Operators (@) - Fel`da, Crown Corporation leaders
Assistant Operators (%) - Fel`ta, Fleet COs, Royal Advisors, Tarii
Voices (+) - Ombudsman

Super op (&) - Fel`da Regalix
Operators (@) - Fel`da, Crown Corporation leaders
Assistant Operators (%) - Fel`ta, Ambassador, ISS, Crown Corporation 2ICs, Royal Advisors
Voices (+) - Ombudsman, Commandant of the Academy, Recruiters, Envoys

§10 Op Rule
Ops must always act and exercise their powers in a reasonable manner, and are responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere in the channel.


RPG's [top]

It is not allowed for any Hapan member to officially roleplay the Hapes Consortium in ANY IC rpg thread. Statements in chat rooms are also not allowed to be made officially. Posting on other groups message boards is considered the same, no official statements on behalf of the Hapes Consortium. Any officer doing so can be fined any amount from High Command or the Sovereign. If there is an RPG you wish to attend on the Hapan side you must contact the Sovereign personally.

For more information on the rules of the Combine, please visit http://www.swcombine.com and see the Rules section.


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