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The Ministry of Defence, a department of the Hapan Government under His Sovereign Majesty, King Alexander I, is responsible for managing and administrating the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. It has technically been defunct since the merging of the two separate branches known as the Royal Hapan Navy and Royal Hapan Army, but the Royal Hapan Armed Forces Chief of Naval Operations is considered to be the de facto Fel`da of Defence and represents the military on the Royal Council.

Ministry Staff
Chief of the Defence Staff
Fel`da Xesh Randell
Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
Colonel Heyallo Stylez

Mission Statement

To ensure the protection of Hapan society by:

  • Maintaining a combat-ready armed forces at all times;
  • Patrolling the borders, systems, planets and space of the Hapes Cluster and protectorates;
  • Training and educating military personnel in the arts of warfare;
  • Co-ordinating with the other military organizations of the Imperial Union if the need arises.


Formed from the remaining Lorell Raider vessels four thousand years ago, the Royal Hapan Armed Forces were originally called the Royal Hapan Space Fleet, and their primary duties consisted of thwarting piracy within the Hapes Cluster, as well as patrolling the Transitory Mists to defend against possible attacks by the Galactic Republic and other major powers of the era.

As the Hapes Consortium expanded its influence and governance over the other species native to the Hapes Cluster through eras of exploration and militarism, the size of the Hapan military grew to unprecedented heights. As the Consortium maintained a feudal method of governance during the Age of Queen Mothers, local nobility was responsible for maintaining security in their realms in what was known as the Noble Navy, a counterpart to the Consortium Navy maintained directly by the Hapan Government.

When the Hapes Consortium splintered in to civil war in 3946, the different nobles organized their military forces under the banners of the alliances they chose to pledge allegiance to. During the course of the war, which lasted half a century, the military was a way of life for billions of Hapans across the Cluster, and the Consortium made many revolutionary advances in the art of warfare, as well as technology.

As peace finally came with the reunification under King Andrew in 4000, the military was severely downsized and centralized under the Hapan Government to prevent excessive influence of the remaining nobility.

In the decades that followed, the Consortium established a Ministry of Defence as King James ascended to the Throne in 4027. As the Hapan Government established contact with powers outside the Hapes Cluster, the military was reformed to counter potential threats by foreign governments and organizations.

The Ministry of Defence rose and fell on a number of occasions, and the Royal Hapan Armed Forces found itself at times without Royal Council representation when the Ministry fell in to disarray. This created friction between the Hapan Government and the Hapan military due to differences of opinion. Traditionally the Ministry has been reestablished and existed during periods of time when the Royal Hapan Armed Forces has entered periods of stable and consistent leadership willing to co-operate with government officials.

Today it exists in a grey zone where the Ministry is not necessarily considered a separate government department, but rather an alternative name for the senior officials of the military High Command, who now enjoy representation on the Royal Council.

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