Hapan Date: Year 4045 Day 87
Cluster Time: 17:00
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Royal Hapan Armed Forces

The Royal Hapan Armed Forces have been protecting the Hapan borders ever since the Hapes Consortium was formed. Since their founding, the Armed Forces have remained loyal to their core values of Honour, Pride, and Strength. Time and again, the Armed Forces have demonstrated the nobility and resolve of the Consortium, stoutly defending the Cluster against pirates and foreign aggressors alike.

The Armed Forces consist of two main components: Military High Command and The Fleets.

The Military High Command is the executive branch of the Military and provides order and direction to the whole of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. It consists of the Military Chief of Staff and his advisor, the Military Executive Officer. The other members consist of the Fleet Commanders and their Executive Officers. The final member is the the Commander-in-Chief to the Military, the Rai`ix Chume (King) of the Consortium.

The Fleets are the forces that defend our Territories from any foreign entity that would wish to attack them or dispute our Kings sovereignty. Each Fleet is assigned to one of the four regions of the Cluster: Home region, Rifle Worlds Region, Interior Worlds Region and Rim Worlds Region. It is the duty of each Fleet to defend these territories to the utmost of their ability. Unlike other Militaries at this time the Hapan Armed Forces do not separate or distinguish between Ground or Space duties, as both of these are undertaken by our Fleet personnel. Our personnel are given the ability to learn and extend their knowledge through the Specialization training we currently offer; more details can be found on the left-hand menu.

On behalf of all officers serving the Consortium, welcome to our home, and perhaps, to our ranks.

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