Hapan Date: Year 4045 Day 87
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"Erenedi! You have no equal, and I have no life beyond you. My eyes, my hands, my heart, and my blade will kill and die in your service." - From the induction oath of the Chume'doro

Selflessly devoted to the preservation of the Hapan monarchy, the Chume`doro protect the Royal Family against threats both foreign and domestic. Selected from the most skilled and loyal of the Consortium's citizens, these warriors receive special and preferential training, the most advanced weaponry, and enjoy a unique position within Hapan society.

As a unique unit answerable only to the Rai`ix Chume, the Chume`doro are tasked with Royal security on the ground, in the air, and in space. Their versatile abilities as warriors and leaders means they are often deployed alongside the Royal Hapan Armed Forces in combat operations, carrying out special operations missions and enforcing the monarch's will.

Command Staff
Commander of the Chume'doro
Commander of the Draconian Guard
Tara Pelin`a Tylger
Inara Imperium

Mission Statement

To ensure the preservation of the Hapan monarchy by:

  • Maintaining a high level of vigilance in maintaining security surrounding the Royal Family at all times;
  • Maintaining a combat ready force trained in all arts of warfare, infiltration, and espionage;
  • Deploying in combat zones where the Royal Family deems it necessary;
  • Identifying and investigating threats to the Royal Family, both foreign and domestic.


For millennia, the Hapes Consortium - an isolated cluster of stars cut off from the galaxy and rumored to house beautiful women and uncountable riches - fueled the imaginations of envious spacers. Even today, its all-powerful monarchy continues to captivate public interest, and it is the Hapan Royal Guard that prevents the collapse of this charmed society by standing in the way of regicide.

Hapan culture traces its origins back approximately four millennia, when the Jedi Knights annihilated the Lorell Raiders who had been harassing Republic shipping from hideouts in the near-impassable Transitory Mists. The pirates' captives - most of them strikingly beautiful women - retreated to the 63 worlds within the Mists and formed a female dominated and, eventually, very wealthy society. With all governmental power vested in the hereditary office of Queen Mother, the Hapans built a powerful navy and eventually sealed the cluster's borders in 2051, during the Second Antiquity Era.

Although the galaxy couldn't see it, the Hapes Consortium entered a golden age. The Queen Mother's power was absolute, but that didn't prevent rivals from trying to maneuver other family members onto the throne. The Hapan Royal Guard, or the Chume'doro, first appeared during the Antiquity Era and reign of House Tini'duran to protect the Queen Mother.

This bodyguard unit consisted of 100 women selected from the elite members of the Hapan Navy and tasked with accompanying the Queen Mother on trips outside the Royal Hapan Palace, screening visitors to her throne room, and tasting her food. Over time, the Royal Guard's ranks increased as they expanded their protection to include the other members of the royal family. When scheming heirs corrupted the Royal Guard's bodyguard details and enlisted their help in coup attempts, the Chume'doro established the Investigative Branch to ferret out plots against the Queen Mother and to perform internal-affairs surveillance against its own members.

With the onset of the Hapan Civil War in 3946, the Chume'doro was splintered in to two factions. The guards who felt a personal loyalty and devotion to the conservative Princess Da'tan Pal'durath were reorganized in to the Draconian Guard. The remaining guards who favoured the ascension of Princess Ta'lan Pal'durath became known as the Sword Guard. With no Queen Mother reigning over the Hapes Cluster and no unified Hapes Consortium for the following fifty years, the Chume'doro essentially ceased to exist.

With the end of the Hapan Civil War at the turn of the millennium, Andrew Starfyre was crowned as the new King. He instituted a new Hapan Royal Guard, which became known as the Phoenix Guard - named after the Phoenix Movement, victor of the conflict - and was originally headed by Ta`me Wes. They remained a small, yet potent force through the reign of King Andrew.

With King James' ascension to the throne in 4027, the Phoenix Guard was renamed to Phoenix and came under the command of Lord Steve Rainey. The duties of the Phoenix were expanded to include a small fleet of warships as well as larger ground based units to protect the monarch from threats both foreign and domestic. However, as years went by, the Phoenix fell in to disarray with the retirement of Rainey and increased emphasis placed on regular Royal Hapan Armed Forces' responsibility as the defenders of the Crown.

A decade later, Alexander Tylger became the new King of the Hapes Consortium. As a descendant of Da'tan's branch of House Pal'durath, he combined the Draconian Guard - who had still been serving as the guardians of the remaining conservative noble houses - with the remnants of the Phoenix. Seeking to rekindle pre-civil war traditions and culture, the new royal guard was renamed to the old name of Chume'doro. The old responsibilities of the unit were reinstated, to some extent expanded upon, and in some instances - particularly those related to the Favored's authority - limited. The Special Commandos were deployed alongside with the normal Royal Hapan Armed Forces in numerous operations in foreign space, proving their value as an independent division of the Crown and ushering in a new era of Royal dominion.

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