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The Royal Hapan Military Academy

The Royal Hapan Military Academy is the proving grounds for all inductees of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, and is responsible for the training and continual development of all servicemen and women.

Current Commandant

Captain Rillik Rah

Mission Statement

The Royal Hapan Military Academy and its Commandant is charged with many duties, including (but not limited to):

  • Induction of new servicemen and women;
  • Continual evolution of it teaching methods;
  • Support and development to all servicemen and women;
  • Liase directly with the Fel'da of Defence and the High Command to highlight areas of further development; and
  • Many other duties.


The Royal Hapan Military Academy was formed to serve as the bedrock which the whole Royal Hapan Armed Forces to stand upon.

When the Royal Hapan Armed Forces was formed following the reunification of the Hapes Cluster by King Andrew I, all Noble Houses agreed to that not only would all Military forces be administered centrally, but also all military training would be administered from a central entity which would ensure that all inductees to the Royal Hapan Armed Forces would be trained and tested to the same standard.

Over the last 39 years the Academy has been in place it has seen many changes and many Commandant, all of them have seen that the Academy remains a vital chain within the Royal Hapan Amred Forces and that it continues to provide the best training, educating all servicemen and women with the vital skills they need to serve within the Royal Hapan Armed Forces.

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