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A message from Phil, aka Jessy James;

Hello there Combiner and thanks for taking the time to check out our donations page. It was around 1998 that I joined what was then the SWSim, later to be known as the SWCombine. I must say it was one of the first games I had ever joined back then. I soon found myself working away in HTML and building my first website for Hapes. Not too long after that I found myself working for a web-design company and later coding in PHP. I believe it was around the year 2001 that I registered the domain www.hapes.org, which has been online ever since!

With every domain comes a server to host it, and over the years we have had many. Unfortunately these things are not free, and for the most part all costs were covered out of my pocket. We have always had a strong community, with many of our key players being seasoned veterans with several years of experience. Over the years many of them have made a contribution to hapes server costs, and it is that very community that has kept me around for so long.

The donations received have been put right into covering costs for the server, and any excess goes towards the next year. Hapes website is likely one of the most advanced in the game, and serves as a backbone to all Hapan activity. Every last penny is appreciated, and while we don't require or ask members for contributions, we certainly say thank you. Contributions are what keeps our great site online, and keeps the community active. So thank you to all those that have donated in the past, and thank you to all those that will donate in the future. Without you, without the community, we would be nothing.



If you wish to donate to Hapes.org, you can purchase one of our Crown Commendation Contribution medals. We offer three variations, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Money can be sent via PayPal below, or contact Jessy for banking information.


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Crown Commendation
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