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Happy Holidays!

Oh yes, it's that time of the year again, and so the Christmas treasure hunt is on: Browse Hapes' site* for a chance to win some of the over hundred million credits and a few N-1 Starfighters! We'll keep the thing running for a few weeks to allow enough of the prizes to be found.

* Rules have remained the same;

There are various prizes on the main hapes.org homepage (neither the library nor the boards are counted towards it), to find them you just click through the pages on the site. If you find one, a pop up box will be displayed (not a pop window, so don't worry about pop up blockers). This win window will then show you what you won. Prizes can only be won every few minutes, and will appear on different pages each time.

Please note members of the Royal Council can not participate in the game. Your activity is also monitored and anyone using page crawlers or pop ups & other automation for trawling will be eliminated from the game and may face internal disciplinary hearings. If you have any questions please contact a webmaster!

Good Luck, and whoever you are, whereever you reside, and however you intend to be spending the next week, take care, have a great time, a Merry Christmas as well as a splendid New Year!

We'll be back with more developments after the holidays!

- Z

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Broadcasted on the 23.Dec.2014 - 15:15 by Zayth Kadrim

Wages Increased & Lorell Hall news

The Ministry of Finance in conjuction with the Lorell Hall are pleased to announce that the payscale in use by Hapes Consortium has been revised, with all wages receiving a notable increase with immediate effect. For example, an entry level Lerin will see their wage increased from 1,500,000 to 4,000,000 credits per month, and the overall wage structure will be similarly adjusted to reflect the scale now going from 4 million to 10 million credits, replacing the old progression ranging from 1,5 million to 7 million credits.

Click this link to view the new wage structure.

Please note: The payment of wages will continue to occur once a month, after Merit Points have been allocated and accounted for towards any possible promotions. It should be noted additionally, that unlike MP allocation, wages are paid based on darkness login data: Failure to log in frequently (at a minimum once a week) will result in wages being withheld for that month for the active or reservist staff member in question.

The ushering of the new payscale comes with a price, however, as Gane Lant, the long serving Minister of Finance and Lord Regent of the Consortium, will be stepping down as Minister of Finance in accordance with his wishes to better focus his available time to his remaining duties as Lord Regent, and to other pursuits related to his governance of Gallinore as Grand Duke. The Fountain Palace has expressed its heartfelt thanks to Tarix Chume Lant for his years of reliable service as head of the Finance ministry, and appreciation for his ongoing role in advicing the Throne and aiding it with the administration of the Hapan government.

Furthermore, the approaching ending of the year sees the final stage carried out of the planned phased out retirements of such notable figures such as Evan Crawford, Har Tay, and Ryou Vacosa from their positions as Deputy Ministers to MoEA, MoInd and MoD, respectively. These three venerable gentlemen are thus finally able to freely roam the Cluster after having spent roughly a year in a government retirement program that saw them exchange positions with their previous deputies in an effort to ensure for a smooth transition at all ministries.

Finally, the Lorell Hall has wished it to be made known that the King intends to be addressing the members of the Consortium shortly over a secure broadcast. Stay tuned for more...

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Broadcasted on the 17.Nov.2014 - 02:50 by Zayth Kadrim

A farewell to ERI

A Fountain Palace spokesman has held a brief press conference addressing the shuttering of one of Hapes' nationalized companies, the Endara Recycling Industries.

Consolidation of the recycling company had reportedly been already under consideration earlier in the year with cooperation and contracting within the Galactic Concordiate on the increase, but it is believed that the matter had been shelved until further notice on account of the solid leadership displayed by the ERI CEO Mike Garibaldi, with influential voices in the Hapes' political establishment additionally speaking in favour of maintaining the company. The press conference revealed that the decision to bring about the dissolution of ERI had become topical after the Royal League of Commerce's chairman, Prime Minister Alarendor Cyrus was informed by the CEO Garibaldi of an upcoming change of circumstances to his private life. While further specifics regarding the nature of the change in circumstances were not forthcoming, the Fountain Palace spokesman confirmed that it was the expected necessity of change in corporate governance which had prompted the renewed evaluation of the projected need for larger scale recycling operations by the Consortium, which ultimately had then resulted in the decision to close down the company and factually transfer related functions into the Ministry of Industry;

“The recycling needs of the Consortium will continue to be met through the coordination and cooperation occurring within the Galactic Concordiate, and through the capable staff and equipment the government will now maintain directly under the Ministry of Industry, in a more consolidated form”, the spokesman was quoted as saying. Further excerpts are included below.

“Our prime focus in all this has been to look after the staff involved in this transition. His Majesty has extended his thanks to Mike Garibaldi for his work for the group, and to all the staff for their work and efforts in and for Endara Reclaim Industries.”

“And, even though we are only really saying goodbye to the corporate shell itself as needs and times change, it should not be forgotten that we are talking about a corporate entity that had been in existence for a decade under one name or another, and seen many notable individuals at its helm. To pay homage to that and its history prior to being a nationalized corporation of the Crown, it was seen fit to restore its maiden name, StormOne Recycling, to the company prior to it becoming officially defunct and dissolved.”

The company, which had publicly traded stock of which over 90% of was owned by the Hapes Consortium, saw the calculated worth of a single stock plummet down to only four credits prior to the dissolution, as its assets were being transferred into Hapes. The closing of ERI sees it follow the path of Endara Arms and Endara Health, two other notable industrial support groups of the past decade that were ultimately retired.


Included below is the public history of Endara Reclaim Industries for your reading pleasure, written at the time of earlier company leadership:

StormOne Recycling was established in the fifth year of the galactic civil war, day 166. The recycling company was part of the vast Storm conglomerate owned by the innovative dark side force user Isoldor Storm. By establishing a number of companies with his vast wealth, Storm hoped to become fairly self sufficient without having to rely on other, foreign groups.

The company was based in the Roche asteroid field located in the Imperial Sumitra sector which was close to the central galactic sectors where the largest battles of the civil war would undoubtedly be fought, leaving countless wreckages. While worthless to most, wreckages that litter the galaxy would be gold for companies such as StormOne Recycling. But due to the lack of grand campaigns and large scale attacks, StormOne Recycling become nothing more than a drain for Storm's funds. A year after it was established, he sold the company to the Hapan nobleman and politician Lord Alexander Tylger.

Lord Tylger took over the company with the best interest of his home, the Hapes Consortium, in mind. He planned to use the company to clean up the space around the commerce centre of Lorell Prime and also assist the Hapan government in removing decaying cities and remote outposts that were no longer of any use. Few days after the company was purchased, it became nationalized and part of the Hapes Consortium's royal league of commerce together with prosperous businesses like the Olanji Corporation, the Akheton Mining Corporation and the Nikklon Mining Corporation. Dverol Nact, a businessman from Naboo and owner of Akheton, provided capable administrative staff to aide StormOne Recycling while they were setting up their infrastructure. Tylger gave Ellianshia Earthsong, formerly Vice President of Akheton Mining Corporation, leadership of the company while his daughter, Kimberly Tylger, became Vice President.

With the support of the Hapan monarch, King James I, StormOne Recycling used the limitless wealth of the Hapan treasure to establish a large base on the Lorellian moon of Schoibato. The desert moon was covered in concrete and countless recycling plants were built along with skyscrapers, high-rises, landing pads and warehouses. The moon became the focus of attention for the Hapan media and was helpful for the Hapan economy, providing fifty million working places and living quarters. Thirty thousand stocks were released on the galactic stock exchange and sold, providing StormOne Recycling with the money it needed to purchase Salvager ships from Olanji's vast shipyards and Recycler vehicles from the newly established Akheton Vehicle Corporation.

Since then, StormOne Recycling has been toying with the idea of renaming to a more Hapan name and setting up deals with foreign powers in need of recycling assistance. To aid with this idea of using an outside neutral power to enable S1R to reach more clients, Alex Tylger went to his daughter Tara Tylger to offer S1R to her as a gift. Tara accepted and added S1R to The Damned and Centurion Arms groups. The name change to Endara Reclaim Industries was a joint choice with Her father and her own members. After the name change, ERI was granted the current contract with the Hapan government for all recycling activities in the Cluster.

ERI is currently being led by CEO Romar Feren. Romar is a former Vice Admiral and Fleet Commanding Officer in the Royal Hapan Navy. Romar had previously served as CEO of Endara Arms, Hapes' weapons production company, but was transferred to ERI after EA was allowed to dissolve due to an overproduction of weapons and Hapes' getting a contract with another company. He brought with him most of the solid nucleus of officers from Endara Arms and used them to rebuild ERI into one of the best recycling companies in the galaxy.

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Broadcasted on the 02.Nov.2014 - 20:32 by Zayth Kadrim

HNN - New Leadership for Interior

The Hapan News Network theme begins to play as Anacia Chalcedon appears on the screen in front of the Ministry of the Interior logo. She smiles as she begins to address the audience.

“Good Evening, Hapes,

Late last month Kal Djin, acting Minister of the Interior, announced his retirement, citing the need for more intensive Force training as well as focusing his time on the needs of the Hapanii For'ta'nix, of which he is one of the three Curia members.

Now we bring you to the Royal Palace, where a new acting Minister of the Interior has just been sworn in."

The screen behind Chalcedon changed to a richly lavished briefing room, zooming in until it filled the entire screen. Fel'da Regalix Cyrus approached the podest. A few steps behind him followed Fel'ta Xesh Randell.

“The year, thus far, has seen many changes as the Consortium continues to grow and build its future," Prime Minister Cyrus began his address. "This day is no different. I am here to announce the new leadership within the Ministry of the Interior. Xesh Randell has shown a lot of potential in his work in the ministry so far and I'm confident that under his leadership Ministry of the Interior will once again rise to the new challenges. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new acting Minister of the Interior, Fel'ta Xesh Randell!"

The Fel'da Regalix steps aside and motions for the Fel'ta Randell to come forward as the onlookers applaud. Xesh Randell bows as he does so.

“Thank you, Prime Minister. I'm humbled to have come so far in such a short time. Mere two years ago I've hoped to come back home after my walkabout and to be of some use to the Crown, even if only as an enlisted Serviceman in the Royal Navy. Some of you may remember my short stint as an Ombudsman a year later. I was disappointed that nobody stepped forward to carry on that great tradition of service. I certainly hope it wasn't something I said or did during my term." Xesh smiled widely allowing for the few stiffled laughs to die down before continuing.

"I'm fully aware that I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. And all I have to say for myself is... It is a great honour and privilege to serve Rai'ix Chume and all the people of Hapes Consortium. I endeavor to do my best to be worthy of this office and of His Royal Majesty's trust." Fel'ta Randell finished his statement with a bow towards Fel'da Regalix.

The screen fades and is replaced again with the HNN offices and the face of Anacia Chaceldon.

“And this ends our broadcast. We would like to extend our congratulations to the new leadership of the Interior. May they serve with Glory, Honor, and Pride.”

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Broadcasted on the 21.Sep.2014 - 01:30 by Xesh Randell

Hapan Shield Project Completed

The introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network begins with the lush worlds of the Cluster fading across the screen accompanied by the theme melody of the Hapan News Network. As the sequence ends a stylistic change to the channel's design is apparent. Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen in front of the backdrop of the Ministry of Industry logo. She smiles soft and warmly before addressing the audience.

"Good evening, Hapes. As Fel`da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus pushes forward the vision of Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim to an industry focused era, another industrial project has recently come to a close as a new one, Project Resurgence has opened. Known as the Hapan Shield Project, the projects ultimate goal is to provide complete coverage of all Hapan celestial bodies within the Hapes Cluster, offering additional protection and security to its citizens.

To celebrate the end of the project, a ceremony in the newly completed control center located on his Tarii home planet, Ediorung is being held. The ceremony will honor, Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim by him personally activating the final shield generators and officially concluding the Hapan Shield Project."

There is a slight pause before Chalcedon continues with a broad smile.

"We are now receiving word that the ceremony is about to begin with the Rai`ix Chume and the Fel`da Regalix."

The image of Chalcedon smiling fades away, revealing Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim and Fel`da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus standing in the computer control center behind a holoprojector of the planet, Ediorung with numerous Royal Hapan Armed Forces servicemen and women working in the background. Fel`da Regalix Cyrus begins speaking.

"I welcome you all to this wondrous occasion to witness the conclusion of the Hapan Shield Project."

The sound of clapping from the audience and members of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces begins as Fel`da Regalix Cyrus smiles. The clapping slowly dies down as he continues.

"The road to the end has been long, but the hard working men and women of the Consortium have endured, persevered and in the end have overcome it. The enormous scale of the project has led to years of city and infrastructure development majorly on the shoulders of the members of the Ministry of Industry and non-military personnel within the government. Though the recent and final push towards the end came from the assistance of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces.

The conclusion of the project provides shield coverage of all 121 celestial bodies within the Hapes Cluster, creating safety and security to its citizens. With an even stronger defense network, the Cluster is now a more formidable and fortress-like sector within the Galaxy, and coupled with the strength of the Armed Forces protecting the borders, those seeking to breach the Cluster will be hard-pressed in doing so.

I would like to thank all members whom participated and in the next few weeks we will have the awards ceremony to honor and recognize those individuals for their hard work.

With that being said, we are here to celebrate its conclusion. To honor his Majesty, Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, we at the Ministry of Industry have strategically left the last world to activate of this project on his Majesty's home planet, Ediorung."

Fel`da Regalix Cyrus smiles and steps back from the holoprojector.

"The floor is all yours, Your Majesty"

The King smiles in turn warmly and breaks his silence.

"Thank you kindly. Nobody could've envisioned in the aftermath of the Hapan Outpost Project all those years ago just how long the road for the Hapan Shield Project would become, but we are finally here, at the very end of it. My heartfelt thanks goes out to the Ministry of Industry and the engineering task force of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces whose cooperation saw the project brought to its rightfully satisfying conclusion, without the preparations for the now ongoing Project Resurgence missing a beat. Through the hardest times we persevere, and I take this last step on behalf of all those who partook in giving me this moment, content that our next industrial success story is already well under way. Lets power it up!"

The King leans in to push a button, causing the color of the planet on the holoprojector to begin to slowly glow in a bright light of blue signifying it's coverage over the planet. A serviceman in the background monitoring a screen nods to Fel`da Regalix Cyrus confirming the successful activation. The crowd begins to clap and cheers as the picture of the scene fades to routine advertisements.

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Broadcasted on the 03.Sep.2014 - 13:25 by Alarendor Cyrus

Royal Address - Fel'da Regalix appointed

The introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network begins with the lush landscapes throughout the Cluster flashing and fading across the screen, accompanied by the theme melody. As the sequence ends, a stylistic change to the channel's design is apparent. Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen in front of the backdrop of Lorell Hall, standing tall and proud amidst the buildings of Chume'dan. She smiles soft and warmly before addressing the audience.

"Good evening, Hapes.

Tonight, on this lovely evening in Chume'Dan, we bring you to the steps of the Lorell Hall, where Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim is announcing a special change to the Royal Council. It is known to have been the topic of recent discussions in the Hall between Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, Tarix Chume Gane Lant and the Fel'da of Industry, Alarendor Cyrus, who is believed to be linked to this coming announcement."

There is a slight pause and a smiling nod as Anacia Chalcedon continues.

"We now send you live to Lorell Hall for the announcement of Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim."

The screen flickers, replacing Anacia Chalcedon with the steps of the Lorell Hall with Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, standing at a podium with Tarix Chume Gane Lant behind him to his left, and Fel'da Alarendor Cyrus to the right of him.

"Dear Hapanii, I appear before you today overjoyed that today is indeed the day that I may announce an important change occurring within the Royal Council. The Royal Council, as the highest coordinating executive body within Hapes Consortium, has a key role with the management of the nation's daily affairs, as well carrying out the all important but arduous work of renewal of our very foundations. Notably, this search for the betterment of our society takes up considerable amount of time for discussion and contemplation, for a promising concept to find its final form and become a reality.

In the past, the council has greatly benefited from having a primus inter pares, a first amongst equals, to help guide these discussions, to be the combined voice of the council for the Throne, and to be the overseer of the vision of the Throne to the council. It is a duty that calls for vigour guided by experience and ability, for trust, and a touch of compassion. It is now time to see that position filled once more. Today, I am delighted to present to you your new Prime Minister, Fel'da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus.”

Rai`ix Chume Zayth begins clapping and is followed by a great applause from the audience. He waits for the clapping to cease before continuing with a rare smile appearing on his face.

"Fel'da Cyrus has contributed a great deal to the Consortium through his work in the Ministry of Industry. His diligence and work ethic during his time at Endara Mining, Endara Reclaim, and now more recently at the helm of the Ministry of Industry, have brought to display his hard work and dedication, and I am nothing if not pleased with his performance to date with projects such as the Hapan Shield Project or the ongoing Project Resurgence. While anything but new to the hapan political circles and the government, he nonetheless is at the forefront of a new generation of leaders amongst us who have risen to prove themselves as steadfast and reliable men and women. Over the course of the year, Cyrus has proven himself a central and stalwart figure within the Royal Council, and both the Lord Regent and I have the utmost of confidence in his abilities to excel in his new role, chairing the Royal Council and assisting me with the administration of the government's affairs. With it, as Fel'da Regalix, he joins the illustrious line of predecessors amongst whom the likes of Gane Lant, Andrew Starfyre, Alexander Tylger, Zell Jaak, and myself are counted among. I hope he feels pride in his nomination, a sense of excitement over what is to come, as he reflects upon the enormity of his new responsibilities. Having said that...“ A glimmer of laughter is seen appearing in the corner of the King's eye as he proceeds after a meaningful pause, “I recognize his award display is not entirely in line with his tireless work thus far, and in recognition of it and his demonstrated abilities, I would like to take but the first step in remedying the situation by awarding him the Golden Wings.

Once again, please join me in congratulating our new Fel'da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus, and wishing him all the best in his new role.”

The crowd begins applauding once again and the scene fades back to the smile of Anacia Chalcedon.

"Well there you have it Hapanii, our new Fel'da Regalix. The Royal Council has confirmed that the new Fel'da Regalix will continue to hold his role as the Fel'da of Industry and chairman of the Royal League of Commernce for the time being, as was the case for example with Andrew Starfyre as he continued to oversee the Ministry of the Interior while also performing the duties of the Prime Minister. The team here at the Hapan News Network join His Majesty in wishing Alarendor Cyrus the best of luck in his new position in the Royal Council, and I'm sure we all agree when I say that I am excited to see what is planned next. Stay tuned for more news coming soon."

The screen fades once more bringing ads to the screen.

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Broadcasted on the 19.Aug.2014 - 12:34 by Zayth Kadrim

Hapan State visit to Taanab

Press release originally published on the Trade Federation News Network by Marcus Justinian.

TFNN - Geosynchronous Orbit Around Taanab, Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster

King Zayth Kadrim, leader of the Hapes Consortium, is in the Taanab system on an official state visit to the Trade Federation. The King and his entourage arrived on Day 243 of Year 15 aboard the Hapan Pulsar Battle Cruiser, HRS Pride, and were greeted at the airlock of TFSS Taanab Defender by Viceroy Jacob Jansen, Duceroy Nohv Schiller, Ambassador Tovakinpi Toshikhan, and various attendants, security droids, and hangers-on.

After a short welcome ceremony, with the offering of gifts of fine wines, cheeses, and tapestries made by artisans throughout the Federation to the Hapan delegation, the group boarded the Hapan flagship for a quick tour of the artfully-decorated and highly-deadly vessel. With the tour concluded, the assembled diplomats boarded shuttles and traveled to a feast held at the Viceroyal Palace in Forsetti. The celebratory feast featured the finest delicacies from both Hapan and Federation space, chamber music played by the Forsetti Symphonic Orchestra, and was concluded with speeches from both Viceroy Jansen and King Kadrim.

The feast concluded with a special ballet performance by the Asrat School of Dance, consisting of segments from a variety of cherished Hapan works of dance throughout history. After the performance, which received a full seven-minute standing ovation, the Hapan delegation retired to apartments provided for them in the Viceroyal Palace.

The second day of the state visit consisted of an early breakfast followed by a political summit behind closed doors. While no sources were forthcoming with details, analysts expect that the topics discussed included trade missions between Federation and Hapan space, security protocols in the Neshig sector, and political matters involving the Galactic Concordiate. Unsubstantiated rumors from support staff that facilitated a working lunch suggest that Hapan involvement in the Federation's burgeoning trade empire was a hot topic of discussion in between courses. Upon the conclusion of a full day of talks, a light supper was served on the Grand Balcony of Viceroyal Palace, overlooking the city of Forsetti. Viceroy Jansen spared some moments before the King departed, saying that "the bonds between the Hapan people and those of the Federation grow stronger and the King will always be welcome in Federation space."

Broadcasted on the 01.Aug.2014 - 14:32 by Zayth Kadrim

HNN - Coronation Ceremony

The theme of the Hapan News Network begins to play, images of a number of recognizable and prominent worlds of the Consortium flashing by the screen beginning with Lorell and ending with the image becoming focused on a glowing Hapes Prime, the capital planet bathing in the soft light reflected upon it from its many moons. The logo of the news channel appears, only to fade to reveal a radiant Anacia Chalcedon.

”Sallan od saroon, fellow Hapans. This is Anacia Chalcedon, reporting live from Hapes on the special occasion of the coronation ceremony of the Rai`ix Chume taking place at Chume`Dan on Hapes Prime. While the new King Zayth I assumed executive powers and the title after the abdication of King Alexander I in favour of eschewing the month of the vacant throne that was observed by Alexander Tylger on his ascension, it is understood the coronation ceremony itself was moved forward in time in accordance with the wishes of the new King.”

”The ceremony and its preparations, which consist of a number of interwoven events being enacted according to time-honoured tradition and precise protocol both at Hapes Prime and off-worlds, are now reaching the culmination of the process; the crowning of the Sovereign, promised to be witnessed by billions of sentients across the Hapes Cluster and beyond. Civilian traffic over the capital has ceased and to honour the occasion, HRS Pride, the iconic Pulsar Battle Cruiser, has been seen arriving to the orbit the planet in conjunction with several Imperial-designed Super Star Destroyers as well a supporting fleet of other Hapan vessels."

As her voice fades out, the view then shifts to the streets of Chume`Dan where huge crowds in festive mood are gathering outside of the Fountain Palace walls to commemorate the occasion under clear skies on a pleasant summer day. Formations of parade uniforms are visible too, with both the Royal Hapan Armed Forces as well as units of Chume`doro displaying their presence in the wide boulevards leading to the Fountain Palace.

The view zooms to the magnificent palace next, its archways decorated with blooming flowers by the hands of a multitude of skilled Hapan artisans, the glorious domes glimmering in the afternoon light.

Chalcedon's voice is then heard from the background: ”It has been over four decades since gender roles were revolutionized in the aftermath of the reunification of the Hapan peoples with Andrew Starfyre becoming King Andrew I, the first male Sovereign of the Hapes Consortium. Since, King James and King Alexander – similarly the first of their names – have ruled over an increasingly equal and prosperous society unified under a single banner. The approach of the coronation ceremonies have been taken as a clear signal that the King has concluded his musings into the new directions it aims to guide the Consortium towards, and is ready to promulgate them after months of tight-lipped preparations.”

A small pause ensues in the narration as the image shifts to the majestic throne room of the Fountain Palace, visibly packed with the representatives of the Consortium's member worlds and their nobility, matched by the banners being adorned on the walls of the chambers, in contest over splendour with the Ice Moon friezes which captivate the walls above the panoramic windows from the hall. Members of the Lorell Hall are seen seated to the front of the assembly, with familiar faces recognizable. The crowd's hushed discussion is heard falling almost silent as a lone figure emerges to the fore, with Chalcedon's soft sound returning to describe the events;

“The appearance of the Morthorni priestess by the altar set before the throne itself marks the beginning of the coronation, with the arrival of the Hapan monarch now thus imminent. Prior to his arrival to the throne room, the Rai'ix Chume has in customary fashion been meditating within the mausoleum beneath the palace amongst the entombed monarchs of centuries past, contemplating upon their deeds and receiving the divine guidance and wisdom which is said to be infused with the sacred place. Purportedly the Rai'ix Chume had earlier in the day also attended private ceremony with the Hapanii For'ta'nix Curia to formally recognize the end to his tutelage. While the role of the mysterious life force known simply as the Force all around the galaxy remains small, if not entirely inconsequential in the matters of governance, many have nonetheless noted the unprecedented openness by which force practitioners appear to exist within the leadership of the Consortium in these modern days. But here comes the King...”

A concord of dugglehorns sounds the Royal Fanfare as the monumental doors open. The crowd is seen standing up before kneeling to the Rai'ix Chume Zayth Kadrim who appears by the arched doorway. The King, dressed in an elaborate ceremonial uniform of white and gold, fitted with glistening adornments and an ermine hood with an ornamental collar fitting, begins his march expressionless towards the Throne on an aisle covered by a blue and gold qashmel carpet that stretches from the main entrance of the chamber to the throne, last seen over four years ago during the previous coronation of King Alexander. The King walks with a purposeful stride past a formation of royal guard officers in attention as well as the guests to the base of the steps leading up to the throne, and takes a few further steps up until stopping before the altar.

The Morthorni awaiting him there provides a bow to the Hapan monarch before turning to a royal handmaiden carrying a pillow holding a diamond orb known as the Chume Xil Hapesah, and raising it above her head for all to see, before carefully placing it down to the very centre of the altar. A central piece of regalia is an orb holding sixty-three Ice Moon gems, which form a three-dimensional map in representation of the Consortium's first member worlds.

The Rai'ix Chume kneels himself before the altar, placing his hands to hover over the grandiose orb, before beginning to recite the Royal Oath with a clear and unhurried voice: ”Kel qesh Ta'a Chume L naq ceres al execetores Rai'ix Chume nadaji jua'h-tira planas e Hapes Enexilanthiusah, lin ultim tarixis endari qualis a coph, juri, naadili, ere eulys la zaqash for'ta dominatar, illiaru e Hapanii lin siv'aj! Sa L istario!”

”Sellir nadaji jua'h-tira planas e Hapes Enexilanthiusah, daxus Zayth Kadrim Ediorungah lin Rai'ix Chume n Hapes!” The Morthoni priestess then declares with a booming voice in response, and signals for a second handmaiden to approach with a pillow on which rests the Royal Crown, lifting the regalia into the air, allowing its splendour undiminished by age to glimmer in the golden light, which the room appears suddenly to be awash with. With a tranquil smile, the Morthoni then lowers the crown and places it on Kadrim's head, signifying the ascension to the power and responsibility over the Hapes Consortium and its peoples.

The Rai'ix Chume following ancient protocol nods to the priestess, who returns it with a bow, before approaching two elegant oak containers, producing the twin sceptres Cal Nele'serin and Cal Fenixius and hands them to the monarch. The Rai'ix Chume takes one to each hand and takes the final steps to reach the throne, upon which he sits, under the royal sigil.

The dugglehorns are heard again, announcing for the Heritage Council to approach the throne and pledge fealty.

”Gane Tarix Chume Lant Gallinoreah amaria Gallinore, Vergill, Relephon, Phelope, Lorell y Hapan lin e ceres e Chumeah”, declares the hapan Lord Regent.
”Tal Tarix Locke Baldaviah amaria Baldavia lin e ceres e Chumeah.”
”Alexander Diran'da Tylger Zadariah amaria Zadaria lin e ceres e Chumeah.”
“Jessy Diran'da James Terephonia amaria Terephon lin e ceres e Chumeah.”

The Rai'ix Chume nods for the nobles and royalty to return to their seats, as the representatives of all the Consortium's various member races move up to the throne in turn.

”E amari e Hapani-human lin e ceres e Chumeah,” a human female declares, kneeling.
”E amari e Hapani-Morthorni lin e ceres e Chumeah,” a large feline being declares, bowing.
”E amari e Hapani-Varno lin e ceres e Chumeah,” an official of the aquatic Varno declares.
”E amari Hapani-Jeby lin e ceres e Chumeah,” a curious being with multiple head declares.
”E amari Hapani-Thrakiani e ceres e Chumeah,” an insectoid being declares.
”E amari Hapani-Kettoni e ceres e Chumeah,” a bulky reptilian alien declares.
”E amari Hapani-Belgori e ceres e Chumeah,” a small feline creature declares.
”E amari Hapani-Mairani e ceres e Chumeah,” an aquatic being floating in a portable tank filled with water declares through its protocol droid.

Again the Rai'ix Chume nods to signal for the beings to return to their places. A second time the Royal Fanfare sounds, and all in the throne room rise as bells begin ringing all across the Chume' Dan, once for each of the Consortium's member worlds, causing a jubilant crowd outside the Palace to break into a cheer.

A clear female voice drowns out the sound of the bells with her powerful voice within the throne room. "Your Majesties, Your Excellencies, Your Honours, subjects of the Hapan throne! The Erenedi, His Majesty Zayth Rai'ix Chume Kadrim Ediorungah y Hapesah! Guardian of the Hapan Throne, protector of the Hapes Consortium and supreme ruler of all the Hapan peoples!”

The pristine voices of the Royal Choir of Ut begin singing the Royal Anthem, as the newly crowned Rai'ix Chume stands to move down the aisle. He is then followed by a host of the Chume'doro, after whom come the Hapan officials present. The picture from within the throne room so begins to fade, to be replaced by an aerial view of the city which skies are beginning to be filled with the sounds of the bells, cheering, and the scores of fireworks being shot into the air.

As the view recedes further from the palace, the soft voice of Anacia Chalcedon returns:
“And so concludes the official coronation ceremony, where the king gave the Royal Oath in the presence of his peoples and was crowned by Nilij Cal'taru, before receiving pledges of allegiance of all the nobles and the region capitals, followed by each native race of the Cluster submitting to the rule of the Sovereign. It is worthwhile to note that several of the previously high profile Tarii have since been transferred to the order of Teloii or rescinded their nobility, thus accounting for their lack of presence amongst those giving their pledges.”

“Furthermore we have just received word that the Fountain Palace wishes to announce a new legislative act that has become law with immediate effect: The Royalty Act. In it, the previous male monarchs are granted the title of Diran'da, or Grand Prince, and the star-systems which they govern given the status of a principality. In addition, their next-of-kin still in service of the Crown are granted the titles of Pëlin`a or Pëlin`da, or Princess or Prince for female or male recipients, respectively. The intent of the ruling monarch is to affirm the privileges pledged to King James by King Alexander, and to bestow upon the latter the same status and privileges too, in a transparent and lasting manner.”

“We are also covering the celebrations that are breaking out on each of the member worlds of the Hapes Cluster, which we will take you to now as we end our coverage of the coronation ceremony. Stay tuned for further news, enjoy the day, and long live the King!”

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King on Holiday

The Rai'ix Chume has been announced to have entered the jungles of Ediorung in the early dawn while accompanied by a small retinue of hand picked bodyguards, with the apparent intent to be hunting large quarry in the seclusion and peace of his home system.

"We're not coming out till he [the Rai'ix Chume] has killed something huge or the bodies pile up to the forest canopy. Then we're hitting the beaches!" stated one gruff looking noghri believed to be belonging to the hunting group whose face was unrecognicable due to the worn attire, found standing next to royal shuttle being loaded with weaponry. When asked about whether the King intended to remain actively in contact with the outside Cluster during his trip, the individual had this to say: "Urr.. We're not letting him keep any comm devices on him, the constant beeping alerts the prey, and really pisses us all off." When asked for a name for the writing of this article, the individual chose instead to remark upon the paradox of inquiring a masked man of his identify while ending the statement with a "and now get that [expletive deducted] thing out of my face!"

The Fountain Palace has affirmed the trip taking place and stated that Lord Regent Gane Lant would be tending to pressing matters of the state with assistance from Minister of Industry Alarendor Cyrus in the meanwhile, while also wishing the King a safe trip devoid of wild boar wounds and the rest of the Consortium too pleasant weeks ahead.

((King on vacation until the 12th, urgent matters should be directed at Gane Lant or Alarendor Cyrus, will check DMs periodically though. Take care of Hapes and yourselves!))

((Update: Leave concluded, three cheers for the Lord Regent and co dealing with matters during the vacation.))

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Project Resurgence Announced

The introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network begins with the lush worlds of the Cluster, fading across the screen accompanied by the theme melody of the Hapan News Network. As the sequence ends, a stylistic change to the channel's design is apparent. Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen in front of the backdrop of the Ministry of Industry logo. She smiles soft and warmly before addressing the audience.

"Good afternoon, Hapes.

Today at noon, Fel'da of Industry, Alarendor Cyrus called a press conference for another industrial announcement. Will this announcement be one that will conclude the Hapan Shield Project, or the beginning of the project in the works that the minister briefly mentioned in his last declaration on the steps of the Pinnacle Star?

Pausing and placing her hand on her right ear, she smiles.

We bring you live now to the Pinnacle Star, where Fel`da Cyrus is addressing the crowd."

The screen fades and is replaced by a formally dressed man in front of a podium smiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today we take another step towards developing, improving and securing the Consortium economic might. Over the past few months, members of the Ministry of Industry and those of the Crown Corporations in the Royal League of Commerce have been working non-stop and tirelessly on logistical operations. This logistical operation, part of phase one of the project, is to a lay the foundation for the enormity of the work that is to lie ahead and will allow a smooth flow of infrastructure development. I am aware that the announcement comes as no surprise to some and that there has been much speculation on the specifics of the project, but I am happy to announce to the public that the Consortium is to partake in the develop of its new ecumenopolis, code name Project Resurgence.

The crowd begins clapping and a flurry of camera flashes can be seen throughout the hall. Fel`da Cyrus raises his hand to request silence in the crowd. As the noise from the crowd begins to die down, the screen to the right of the Fel`da comes to life, revealing the image of a large gas giant, and details of the project.

In agreement by the Royal Council and his majesty, Rai`ix Chume Zayth, the location of the new ecumenopolis will be located on the gas giant planet, Wareks in the Cheruba system. Similar to Haradan, the establishment of this planet will accommodate hundreds of business and residential city districts, kept afloat in the life belt by the massive repulsor-lift providing support. Once completed, the planet will attract the citizens from around the Cluster, enjoying a high standard of living and work environment. The Ministry is expecting a significant population increase as well as causing an economic boost due to the increased activity on the planet for the Consortium. These are exciting times ahead and we will be looking forward to announce the completion of the new ecumenopolis.

Thank you all from coming, I will now take a few questions before leaving for my daily business."

The screen fades and returns to Anacia Chalcedon smiling.

“That concludes the announcement of Fel`da Cyrus of the Ministry of Industry and exciting times ahead, indeed. And that is the news for today my fellow Hapanii, I wish all a good evening and we'll see you tomorrow when we return.”

The Hapan News Network theme song begins in the background and the picture flicks to the routine ads.

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The Hapan Deathmatch Ends

The Hapan Deathmatch has concluded, marked by an even final round which could have gone either way... In the end, the noble admiral made way for the victory of the throne.

A total of just over 323 million credits have been paid out by the MoF as a result, composed of winnings by individuals from the three different community games we ran over the holidays up till now; The christmas prize hunt, the new year's raffle, and as the last installment, the deathmatch which included both a Hapes backed betting pool and prizes for all who made it to the semi-finals and beyond.

Running something like this for the holidays is a nice tradition and cause enough in itself, even if the composition and order of the games this time around were intended to gauge community participation in addition to promoting it by having something to regularly check up on.

Meanwhile, matters are progressing in the background, and we look forward to involving more people with the practical planning and preparations for the changes and improvements that are yet to be revealed in their entirety. While patience is to be counseled to us all while waiting to see them come to fruition, I must thank Alarendor Cyrus, Romar Feren and Kal Djin for their commitment to meeting the expectations with seeing the vision of an improved tomorrow carried out from the realm of abstractions into existence.

Before we move on from the HDM entirely though, our resident commentator is expected to be covering soon the last few rounds of the deathmatch in the relevant Lounge thread. Enjoy, and till next time.

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HNN - New King addresses the nation

The introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network flashes across the screen. As the sequence comes to an end, the familiar visage of Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen in front of the Castle of Per`Agthra. She flashes a soft smile to the viewers before beginning to speak.

“Good afternoon, Hapes. In wake of the previous royal address, we are ready to go to the Fountain Palace where the new monarch, Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, is about to address the nation. The King has purportedly spent the previous weeks in private talks with the representatives of the Lorell Hall over policy matters, and until now has refrained from public appearances.

As a result, there has been ample speculation amongst the political commentators on the changes that could be under way, although few believe that the Hapes Consortium is about to see any abrupt changes.”

There is a slight pause before Chalcedon continues with a broad smile.

“We are now receiving word that the speech is about to begin, and so we go live to the Fountain Palace.”

The image of Chalcedon smiling fades away, revealing the new King in court uniform standing behind a podium.

”Peoples of the Hapes Consortium, Your Honours, Your Excellencies. I stand before you humbled, struck still with great awe and grave sadness. Great awe, having been afforded a breathtaking honour beyond measure, and grave sadness, for the abdication of Ra'ix Chume Alexander the First leaves a cold void in my heart, and indeed a void in all our hearts.

He is a man I look up to, whose kind judgement I have been grateful to have been able to have entrusted my life with. I consider him my mentor and know him to be that to many, a wise man with a gentle heart, whose strength and caution continues to inspire me, as did his words on benevolence. His confidence in my ability to lead this glorious nation forward can only be met with sincere appreciation for his unwavering confidence in the Hapes Consortium, and the long years of service towards realizing its full potential. I ascend to the hapan throne in his footsteps to follow a virtuous example of noble service, striving to fulfil those responsibilities laid upon me with Honour, Pride, and Glory.

I have been fortuitous to have been able to witness from a position of trust the reign of two great monarchs, and so able to give an account on their accomplishments; We should praise Ra'ix Chume James for all that he saw built, and equally Ra'ix Chume Alexander for all he saw preserved. The challenges they faced were different, but monumental. For are we not a nation of humble beginnings that saw generations toil away to prove its greatness? Did we not achieve unimaginable results, and become soothed by our prosperity and satiated by our very success? I would say it is so. Pursuing our glory, the rest of the proud nations of the galaxy have caught up with us, some long ago, and yet, while they have risen and we have lingered in our hard won comfort, where are those we would now call our superior? Who is there to look up to? The other ascendant states have grown, but not so much as to overshadow us. Do we perhaps gaze upon the Galactic Empire or the New Republic in wonder instead, seeking to emulate them for their respectable might or ideals? No, we do not. We need not.

For as the hydra follows the dragon and the phoenix, that is the legacy the last dragon passes onto us: Our heritage preserved, our honour unblemished. Our people, united. The Cluster surrounded by our friends at the Galactic Concordiate. Stability, safety, peace. You already held my fealty, and commanded my respect. All I have left to give you then, Alexander Tylger, are my solemn thanks for all the years you have graced my life with as a superior, as a colleague, and as my King; Thank for your support and your guidance. Thank you for your momentous contributions towards the welfare of your people, and so too on behalf of the entire Hapes Consortium. May you live out your days in Zadaria in health, peace, and comfort, as well as with the lasting gratitude and adoration of the people of the Consortium. I salute you. We all salute you.”

There is a moment of solemn silence as the King gazes at the audience with his stoic expression unwavering.

“To all those who have already pledged their support for what lays ahead and expressed their belief in me, your gesture has been much appreciated. The abdication of a ruler so beloved is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience, and King Alexander's retirement is already exposing us to the stark realities of our lives, which he will no longer be shielding us from. With the galaxy ever in flux, I look forward to tackling whatever lays ahead - with all of you. Whatever unknowns the future holds, whatever the challenges ahead, however our resolve will be tested, we remain in possession to the keys to our fate. Our successes and failures will be our own doing. Only question that matters now is, what now, where to?

The work to see those questions answered has already begun, and as the coronation ceremony nears, we will be announcing some of the changes that have been discussed, and which are designed to take us forward. Over the coming months, the composition of the Royal Council will be altered one step at a time, to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the next generation for the betterment of the whole, while retaining the experience and wisdom of the present. Our industrial abilities will be brought to bear to improve our economy in the aftermath of a galactic scale depression of income taxation. The Royal Hapan Armed Forces will see itself realigned to meet the present day expectations with its streamlined staff. The Peerage Act will be utilized as was intended by my predecessor over the course of the next year, and the Citizenship statute shall receive its long heralded revision, while a Royalty Act touching upon the roles of my predecessors and future successors will be enacted. Finally, and most importantly, many aspects of our social programs and citizen betterment drives will be evaluated in an effort to improve social and labour mobility in our society, and to reinvigorate our present and coming generations in the quest to future greatness, to call upon all of you to stand up and face boldly the challenges that appear around us. For here we stand resolute, in defiance against time itself, gazing again into a new dawn.

Rise o' Glorious Hapes. Rise, and rise again!”

The speech ends in applause, and as the image begins to fade out, Chalcedon's voice is heard in the background.

"Lorell Hall officials are assuring us that further details on the changes mentioned will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead, with announcements pertaining to the initial shifts at the Royal Council being prepared to be released shortly. We will now be taking a short break, stay tuned for more news after we return!”

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HNN - Royal Address

The introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network begins with images of the Consortium's worlds flashing across the screen accompanied by the uplifting theme melody. As the segment comes to an end, Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen before the familiar backdrop of the Castle of Per'Agthra. She smiles before addressing the viewers.

"Good evening, Hapes!

Today journalists from all corners of the Hapes Cluster are gathered in the capital city Chume'Dan at the request of Fountain Palace officials for a special session of Lorell Hall. While details have been sparse, it has been confirmed that the King is due to address the peoples of the Consortium on a matter of great importance. Representatives, public officials, and nobility from all the Consortium member worlds are already in attendance in the Grand Council chamber, awaiting the arrival of the members of the Royal Council.

Speculations abound as the Fountain Palace has been unwilling to discuss the matter of His Majesty's reported illness which has kept him largely out of the public eye over the last year. While he made brief public appearances during the reunification anniversary this summer, and has also been present for sessions of the Royal Council and Council of Lords, the King's last public address was one year ago in relation to the disbandment of the old Imperial Union.

We are receiving word that the King's arrival is imminent, so we now go live to Lorell Hall."

The image shifts briefly from Chalcedon to an announcement screen before cutting to the image of the central podium of the Grand Council chamber.

The six senior members of the Royal Council,
Fel'das Lant, Kadrim, Locke, Crawford, Tay, and Vacosa, and the royal advisor, Jessica Pelin'a James, move in procession to take their seats on either side of the podium.

After all are seated, a brief moment passes before a dugglehorn sounds the arrival of the King. Alexander
Rai'ix Chume, clad in his black ceremonial court uniform, enters the chamber flanked by four senior members of the Chume'doro Favoured, including Tara Pelin'a Tylger. The King moves briskly up to the central podium while his daughter moves to take her seat among the Royal Council members. Tylger studies his notes for a brief moment before looking up and smiling at the assembled dignitaries.

"Your Highnesses. Your Excellencies. Your Honours. Duly appointed representatives. Peoples of the Hapes Consortium. Saroon basgim. We welcome you all back to Hapes Prime for this special session of Lorell Hall.

Three weeks ago, We requested the presence of Gane Tarix Chume Lant and Fel'da Zayth Tarix Kadrim in the Fountain Palace for a meeting of grave importance. At that gathering the topic of Our abdication and potential successors was discussed. We called on them as they are the two most senior members of both the Royal Council and Council of Lords, and therefore most aptly suited to debate the matter objectively and candidly.

The matter of abdication had been something weighing on Our mind for quite some time now, in part due to Our prolonged and involuntary absence from the affairs of state. We have felt that for the sake of the Hapes Consortium and the integrity of the Crown, it is best that We abdicate the Throne in favour of a successor whose health and spirit allows them to commit fully to the responsibilities associated with the title and position. Rest assured that this was not a decision taken easily or lightly without thorough consideration, and all viable alternatives were discussed in full.

In concert with Tarix Chume Lant and Fel'da Kadrim, a plan was drawn up for how the matter of succession would be carried out in a timely manner so that the process would not be prolonged unnecessarily. We have also been presented with a prospect for the initial stages as well as long term goals of Our successor's reign that meets with Our approval and shows great promise in terms of maximizing the efficiency of the Hapes Consortium upper echelons.

On the evening of the tenth, We presented the members of the Royal Council with our formal Declaration of Abdication, which We will read to you now."

The King retrieves a piece of flimsiplast from amidst his stack of document and begins his narration.

"'Declaration of Abdication.

I, Alexander
Rai'ix Chume Tylger Pal'durath Hapesah, of the Hapes Consortium, the Hapan Dominions beyond the Hapes Cluster, King, do hereby declare my irrevocable determination to renounce the Throne for myself. My desire is that effect should be given to this Declaration of Abdication on the twenty-ninth day of Prenodii, forty forty, at zero hundred hours, at which point Zayth Tarix Kadrim Ediorungah shall formally assume the title of Rai'ix Chume.

In token whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of Prenodii, forty forty, in the presence of the witnesses whose signatures are subscribed.

Signed at the Fountain Palace, Chume'Dan, Hapes Prime in the presence of:

Tarix Chume Lant
Tarix Kadrim
Pelin'a Tylger
Vilicus Bajetix'"

Tylger sets the document back down on the podium and allows for the murmurs of the crowd to die down before continuing.

"The choice of Tarix Kadrim as Our successor may be surprising to some, given that Tarix Lant holds the position of Tarix Chume and has managed the affairs of state in my absence. However, the title and its authority has never been a guarantee for being named the heir apparent. Furthermore, Tarix Lant did not wish to be considered a candidate for the Crown, and expressed at the onset of this process that he intends to step down from his positions in the near future to enjoy retirement as the Grand Duke of Gallinore. Even so, he will continue on as Tarix Chume during this transition period and until such time as the planned reorganisation of the Royal Council is complete.

For the time being, We will retire to our native home on Arxian for a period of relaxation until We are called upon to serve the Crown in some capacity. We are likely to resume Our scholarly work on the history and culture of the Consortium, while also serving as a royal advisor in the foreseeable future. In terms of Our titles and estates post-abdication, that is a matter that shall be left to Our successor to best decide.

At this point, We want to thank the peoples of the Hapes Consortium for their loyalty and fealty during Our reign. We would like to thank the members of the Royal Council, Council of Lords, and the Royal Hapan Armed Forces High Command for their efforts over the course of Our reign. We have also had the pleasure and fortune of working closely with many others on a variety of projects, both big and small, and your service to the Consortium has been much appreciated.

We would like to congratulate Zayth Tarix Kadrim on his imminent ascension to the Throne, and thank him for his personal loyalty to Us over the course of Our reign. We hope that he will tackle the responsibilities of his new title with the same fiery devotion and spirit that has marked his time in Lorell Hall for the past nine years.

This is a nation of proud and honourable traditions, with a long line of monarchs that the person on the Throne can look to for examples of how to rule. One can learn from the mistakes of the tyrants, and embrace the qualities of the benevolent. Regardless of in what century they reigned, what has always been the most important is putting the welfare of the Hapes Consortium and its people first. The person on the Throne is but a prism symbol of unity. That is what has kept the Crown of the Consortium sacred and this nation bonded for millennia, and will continue to do so for millennia more.

Finally, We would like to say that it has been an honour to serve the people as Rai'ix Chume, and thank you for your faith in Our leadership. We hope that the Hapes Consortium has a prosperous future ahead, marked by co-operation, revitalisation and progress.

Good fortune to you all! Long live the Hapes Consortium!"

As the King steps down from the podium, the image cuts to a fact sheet while Chalcedon speaks in the background.

"We will be taking a short break, but when we come back we will have a debate with several political analysts regarding the King's speech and abdication. Please stay tuned!"

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