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Ministry of Defence

The Fountain Palace has released a press briefing regarding the Ministry of Defence, announcing the retirement of Fel’da Ayun from the helm of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces;

“Commodore Lionola Ayun was a key figure among the military High Command long before her appointment as Minister of Defence, with a lengthy history of service to the Crown. His Majesty has made known his appreciation for Commodore Ayun rising to the challenge to oversee the armed forces at the retirement of her predecessor, Pelin`a James, with the Crown seeing fit to award the Commodore with the Phoenix Star.

The Commodore had earlier signalled her interest in private to have the demands of her responsibilities softened, to allow for more time to attend to personal affairs amidst the increasing frequency of military deployments.

While it is regrettable that the Consortium could not see her remain at the helm of our military forces for longer, Fountain Palace is positively delighted to be able to make known the appointment of Alexander Diranix Tylger as the new Minister of Defence. Grand Prince Tylger, as the illustrious previous sovereign of the Consortium and a veteran of countless military campaigns over the past two decades, had recently surprised Lorell Hall officials by making known his interest to return to active service within the armed forces, prompting Commodore Ayun to immediately recommend him to become her successor at the ministry.

As such, the Grand Prince has already assumed his positions as a Minister of the realm and the chairman of the military High Command, as well as the overall command over the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, with a broad mandate from the Crown to implement whatever alterations deemed fit, as the reports mount of increasing pirate activity around the crucial galactic trade routes.”

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HNN - Royal Hapan Armed Forces engage pirates

(HNN) - Hapes Prime

The Ministry of Defence released a statement today informing the public that a skirmish took place yesterday between the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and pirates of unknown affiliation.

While details were sparse, it was revealed that a military unit responded to a distress signal sent by a privately owned Horizon-class Star Yacht passing by Orthwell, a red dwarf star. The star is one of hundreds like it across the Hapes Cluster where vessels must stop to make course corrections along complex hyperlanes, but such interludes are usually routine and brief. In the case of Orthwell, it is surrounded by a particularly dense asteroid field that calls for caution and some additional navigational maneuvers, which is when the incident occurred.

The yacht was scanned and then pursued by numerous mixed squadrons of gunboats and fighter craft, primarily of the cobbled-together variety that is popularly nicknamed "Uglies." The yacht was able to outrun the harassers and navigate to safety as Hapan forces swiftly arrived and engaged the pirate forces, destroying several hostile targets, and disabling others. The military has since quarantined the area and is now in the process of tracking down possible stragglers as an unidentified corvette was also sighted.

SigTel is in the process of deploying a more comprehensive satellite network in exposed areas such as Orthwell for transit safety along hyperlanes, but it has been noted that such extensive asteroid fields are prone to wide expanses of sensor shroud. Debris and remains are being collected for analysis to see if the origin of the vessels can be determined. And, more importantly perhaps, to find out whether this was an isolated incident involving a few ships, or if they originated from a larger force operating in the area. The Ministry of Defence added that no ships matching this particular combination have passed through security checkpoints at Lorell or Roqoo in the last year, meaning a hunt for a potential large carrier is a definitive possibility, but nothing has been confirmed. Even so, the Royal Hapan Armed Forces remain on alert.

In response to the news of the incident, several planetary governments such as Relephon and Maires addressed Lorell Hall, calling for military escorts to be provided for unarmed haulers traversing more remote areas of the Hapes Cluster.

The Hapan News Network will be back with more as further details become clear.

Broadcasted on the 05.Apr.2017 - 16:45 by Alex Tylger

A new noble house rises

The Hapan News Network introduction begins with scenes from around the Hapes Cluster flashing across the screen, accompanied with the uplifting theme melody. As the sequence comes to a conclusion, Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen before the backdrop of a view from the capital city of Chume'Dan.

“Good day, Hapes.

The Fountain Palace has announced that today a new noble house will rise in the Consortium, as a familiar name to the Hapan people will become appointed a lord by His Majesty in a ceremony about to take place shortly within the Royal Hapan Palace. The guest of honour at the palace is going to be none other than the Minister of Industry and Fel`da Regalix - or Prime Minister - Alarendor Cyrus, who will receive the title of Grand Duke, or Tarix, and by tradition will be entrusted with a suitable star-system to govern on behalf of the Crown as well.

Alarendor Cyrus is known to have begun his career working in Endara Mining Corporation, before a stint as Chief Executive Officer of the now defunct Endara Recycling Corporation lead him to be appointed as Deputy Minister of Industry by Har Tay, who soon after relinquished his position at the head of the ministry as part of a wider shake up in the Royal Council – resulting in Cyrus placed in charge of the ministry and being appointed as its minister. Since then, he has been seen as an instrumental figure in reinvigorating domestic heavy industries and leading the massive construction efforts undertaken around the Cluster. Notable amongst them have been a legacy project involving planetary shielding, and the numerous economic development projects past and ongoing, which were deemed necessary in the aftermath of the galactic derivatives bubble bursting, which saw well over fifty billion credits worth of combined monthly tax income wiped from government ledgers across the galaxy, practically overnight. Over the years Cyrus is believed to become held in equally high regard by the most influential men and women of the Consortium, even having been known to have been asked to help guide the King’s continued scholarly pursuits in the Force.

It has been in fact now over four years since a new noble was last initiated into peerage, and is the first such an appointment since the ascension of Rai`ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, as well as only the third time the Consortium is graced with the appointment of a lord since the enactment of the Peerage Act in its present form during King Tylger’s reign. Not counting various reinstatements, Alarendor Cyrus is set to become the 21st Tarix appointed since the end of the Hapan Civil War, which saw the end to the ancient feudal social structure that had held sway for millennia…”

Chalcedon’s voice fades off with a short pause taken prior to continuing with a hint of excitement;

“But we understand that the big moment is approaching, and we now take you to follow the ceremony live from within the palace.”

The view shifts to the massive Hall of Heroes within the Royal Hapan Palace. Easily recognizable for its notable size and unique architecture, the oval chamber has banners hanging from the top of the length marble columns situated in the room, with the massive stained glass window sporting an embedded emblem of House Arxianic drawing attention to the back wall of the chambers. The room is filled with a golden hue, and a large crowd comprised of notable officials and nobles from Lorell Hall, representatives and governors of the various regions and worlds of the Consortium, members of the High Command, as well as the representatives of the Royal League of Commerce

The crowd is seen standing in hushed silence, as the Chume`doro Favoured standing by the podium sound the dugglehorns, announcing the arrival of the Rai`ix Chume. The crowd turns its attention to the monarch appearing through a large gate to the right of the podium, dressed in full regalia, the crowd’s gaze following as he walks to stand behind the podium to address the assembled audience. A moment of pause lapses before his voice and unrushed words begin echoing through the great hall, as the King raises his arms to the crowd in greeting: .

“Fellow Hapans!
We are gathered here on this fortuitous occasion to honour the commitment of a single man, and to recognize his long and illustrious career in service to Hapes and its timeless ideals. But we are here not only to honour his accomplishments, but also to appreciate what has been made possible because of it, the many fruits of our labours that we may share together.“

As the King lowers his arms, great doors swing open at the far end of the chambers and Alarendor Cyrus enters accompanied by six of the Chume`doro, who escort him to the base of what is but the briefest flight of stairs leading to the podium, while the crowd applauds. By the stairs the clapping has stopped, and the minister kneels briefly, before being approached by two solemn elder statesmen of the Consortium seen descending the stairs: Tarix Chume Gane Lant and the previous monarch, Diran'da Alexander Tylger, both in attires befitting such venerated nobility of the realm.

“Your Majesty” the Lord Regent states, as Cyrus stands still before them, “As summoned, Alarendor Cyrus stands before you now. As Prime Minister, Minister of Industry, and as Your loyal subject and citizen. Will you receive him?”

“Yes” the King responds, a faint smile flashing across his otherwise stoic face as he nods to both the Lord Regent and Grand Prince. “Yes, yes I believe shall. Approach, Cyrus.” The minister steps up the few stairs, and kneels anew before the smiling sovereign. A royal handmaiden approaches Tylger with the Sceptre of Tini`duran resting on a large ceremonial pillow, who receives it and in turn presents it to the King.

“Alarendor Cyrus” the Rai`ix Chume bellows, lifting the sceptre, “you knelt as but a man, but for your deeds for the benefit of the realm, as lord you shall rise.” He lowers the golden piece of regalia slowly down over each of Cyrus’s shoulders in turn, while speaking the traditional words of induction. "L Rai`ix Chume n e Hapes Enexilanthius, melar te shakal n e laiadix od ceres n llerio Tarix. Torsul, Alarendor Tarix Cyrus."

The crowd breaks into a loud applause and spontaneous cheers are heard across the room as the new Grand Duke of Hapes and head of House Cyrus rises at the behest of his sovereign. As the chorus of sounds rises to be almost impossible to hear over, the King takes the new Grand Duke by the shoulders and laughs jovially.

“Tarix Cyrus, tonight we shall all dine together, with but laughter echoing from the domes of this palace. Not before the morning shall we worry about the responsibilities that await us. Come, the feast awaits…”

Smiling the two shake hands before seen departing through the side gate which the King first entered from, followed by the two nobles as well as the contingent of Chume`doro. The feed zooms back to the podium and the crowd before fading out.

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Star Home Academy forum access changes

in preparation to leadership change the access to Star Home Academy forums has been removed from old and/or inactive cadets. If you [still] require the access to SHA section please contact Fel'da Xesh Randell.

Broadcasted on the 05.Jul.2016 - 15:00 by Xesh Randell

Site no longer updated

For our visitors:

Please note that with focus on the development of our new site, we have no longer been updating the present one. Information displayed may thus be out of date.

Broadcasted on the 03.Apr.2016 - 17:43 by Zayth Kadrim

Hapes celebrates the anniversary of Neshig Accords

The familiar introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network flows across the screen. As the sequence reaches its conclusion, Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen, flashing a bright smile before approaching the topic at hand.

“Good evening Hapes!

Fireworks are filling the sky around Lorell Hall as celebrations ensue in the cooling evening of Chume`Dan, over the sixth anniversary of the signing of the Neshig Accords. The accords, signed by Trade Federation and Hapes Consortium in the galactic year eleven, created a comprehensive alliance between the two great and like-minded governments, solidifying their already close relations, and creating a power bloc inside the Imperial Union, the coalition both groups belonged to at the time.

While festive crowds are gathering around the northern districts of the capital to enjoy the lightshow on display, a particularly notable gathering is taking place a short distance away to the south within the Fountain Palace; Viceroy Jacob Jansen, the formidable leader who has ruled Trade Federation for almost a decade, is meeting with His Majesty Rai'ix Chume Zayth Kadrim, as well a small circle of hapan officials, to commemorate the occasion. The other notable figures reported to be present are Tarix Chume Gane Lant, Fel`da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus, Fel`da Xesh Randell, as well as Diran'da Alexander Tylger.

The Viceroy is said to have arrived to the Cluster roughly a week ago with a large retinue of Federation officers and officials, as part of a diplomatic tour de force of all the Galactic Concordiate capitals. Though the entourage proceeded onward from hapan space after the reception held at the Fountain Palace, where the Federation gifted the Consortium with a number of its famous Lucrehulk ships, Viceroy Jansen is known to have made room from his schedule to be able to hold several consecutive high powered meetings over the duration of his stay, the latest one with Pëlin`a Jessica James, as well as to attend today's ceremonies at the Fountain Palace. Amongst the topics discussed are believed to have been matters of state and shared strategic interests, as well as the development of the Galactic Concordiate and its ongoing debate over its expansion policy, although the event today is said to be purely reserved for the commemoration of the bonds that have made possible this remarkable alliance between the two regional powers.

As the meeting at the Royal Hapan Palace are being held behind closed doors, we will now take you to the Lorell Hall instead, where a government spokesmen is ready to give us a brief statement regarding the occasion.”

The image of Chalcedon is replaced with a feed from the Lorell Hall press conference auditorium where a young hapani female in a crisp attire stands behind a small ornate podium, ready to begin with the statement.

“Six years can be a long time even in galactic politics, and His Majesty Rai'ix Chume Kadrim has only the utmost gratitude and appreciation for the stability and depth of the alliance the Consortium has been able to enjoy with the Trade Federation for all these years, as well as for the personal efforts by Viceroy Jansen to maintain them through the reign of not only one, but the three Kings of Hapes that he has witnessed in his time as ruler of the Federation. If the Neshig Accords and the bonds existing with the Trade Federation are seen as defining Hapes' foreign affairs and moderating its isolationism, then that very bond is best personified in Viceroy Jansen and his contributions to it.” The speaker pauses briefly for effect prior to continuing.

“The Federation has never been stronger, and we remain proud of our shared history with them, to be standing with them as partners within the Galactic Concordiate, and thus look forward with great confidence to the challenges that may lay ahead. Whatever may come, the Neshig Accords and our membership with the Galactic Concordiate continue to help preserve the peace and prosperity of the Cluster as well as the bordering space.

Thank you for your time everyone, and good night.”

Broadcasted on the 27.Jan.2016 - 03:27 by Zayth Kadrim

Happy Holidays

Ah yes, another year flies past, and altogether it's been a solid one. Given that Christmas is upon us, it's time to wish you all a very merry christmas / holiday season and a pleasant time out there. Take care and take it easy.

Oh, and the xmas site prize hunt has been enabled and will run for a week or so. Enjoy!

(Winnings have been now paid out alongside December double wage having been run to wrap up 2015.)

Broadcasted on the 24.Dec.2015 - 01:02 by Zayth Kadrim

Lorell Hall Speech

The introduction of the Hapan News Network begins and rolls through familiar images of the Hapes Consortium's worlds before settling on the newsanchor, Anacia Chalcedon, smiling in front of the view of a morning view over the capital city, with the seat of the government, Lorell Hall, visible on the side.

”Hello, and welcome to our live broadcast from the nation's capital where a late morning session of the Royal Council is about to begin with the King's speech to the nation! While the exact topics to be covered have not been disclosed in advance, it is widely believed His Majesty intends to take a moment to reflect upon the Consortium's present footing, the changes that have impacted on it, as well as to cast our gaze upon what is to come. Without further ado, we will proceed to the event... ”

As Anacia Chalcedon's smiling visage fades, the image shifts momentarily to a holding screen before displaying live feed from an ornate chamber within the Lorell Hall, where the key figures of the Royal Council are seen gathered. The King is standing behind a small podium and acknowledges the gathering with a nod before beginning with his speech.

”Good morning, to one and all.

It has been a while since as a nation we have addressed this matter, and thus it is my intent today to assure you - and indeed assert - that actions do carry consequences. That much is inevitable, and necessary. The more time that passes between an action and its righteous reaction, the more deeds that pass undeclared, the more likely it is for the individual to begin to believe that those actions did not matter. That they went unnoticed. That they wouldn't impact on the lives of the ordrinary citizens. That would be unjust, and unacceptable.

The census data at the last look suggested the Hapes Cluster has at present roughly 645,000,000,000 inhabitants, and that naturally poses certain challenges for our good government to equally address all the deeds of its citizens, even if the Ministry of the Interior in conjuction with relevant authorities do manage to keep up well, like a veritable eye in the sky. Of course, while most have been dealt with satisfactorily, there have been some higher profile cases in the relatively recent past that haven't quite garnered equal amounts of attention, and that is what we are here to rectify today.

But this is of course not about penitence of misdeeds, for this shared moment is about progress made, and of the gratitude it instills. With great effort and patience, time has seen us secure our boundaries, accumulate vast wealth and potent fleets, but despite those successes, as a society we cannot last without keeping our minds on the present, tirelessly attending to what that all relies upon, which is maintaining the foundations of the Consortium. All the great powers must contend with the cycles of rising and waning momentum, and we have been no exception. If anything, as we once lead the race towards industrialization in the galaxy almost a decade ago, we have had plenty of time to truly see and contemplate upon the ultimate cost of our success; To have witnessed the fires of our industry cool down, the ambition in our eyes dim and fade, sated by comfort.

And yet, while we have rested on the comfort of our past success, we have not been overcome by the ravages of time, nor bent our knees to it. All the while, others have had to face the same questions about themselves and their place in the galaxy. Just amongst our friends in the Galactic Concordiate, you might well remember Avance Coalition choosing to consider its challenges insurmountable and shuttering its doors. This year Mandalore too has had tough choices to make, but instead of accepting an unwelcome fate looming ahead, challenged themselves to seek new pathways to tap the vigour of their culture. We are proud that they are doing so, and are only happy to stand alongside them in the Galactic Concordiate during such times. And just recently, further away in the Galactic Alliance, people of the Triumvirate Coalition rose to oppose plans of merger into the New Republic, and as a result old leadership has made way for newer faces to make something of that popular re-awakening. And so it continues all around: New governments form to join the dance for relevance, to realize themselves the true scope of efforts required, while the old in turn must ever seek to renew themselves, to stay attentive of the changing needs and emergant threats in the galaxy, to sustain their will to act, without which all are destined to fade away.

Let others doubt themselves and bow out, for we will remain. We live in times of unprecedented prosperity and the deepest, most unshaken peace, but nothing that good will last forever. Still, as long as Hapes has its defenders, proud and brave, and as long as we have the will to continue onward, to persevere, surely we will endure. Our future rests in our own hands and on our labour, as it always has been, and so we now rely on the efforts of this generation, ours, to secure that future for those who have come before, those of us present today, and for those who are yet to come - to strengthen our foundations, to safeguard our space, to prepare for the next wave of conflict that inevitably will one day reach us again.”

The King holds a small pause for effect before proceeding once more.

”And so we close in on the purpose of this congregation; Over the past year I have asked for, and subsequently observed the notable efforts being invested towards renewing and progressing our main instutitions and critical infrastructure, upon which I am quite pleased to be able to touch upon further in a moment.

It has been a good year in the Ministry of Industry, with the completion ceremonies having been held for not only the Hapan Shield Project and the Project Resurgence, but now for Project Solidarity as well. My appreciation goes out to the outgoing Lord Hegemon Corbin, and Director Barefoot and her team of the Tion Hegemony, for the significant contributions of Tion on Theselon, which helped speed along its development considerably. We have now rebounded resoundingly from the galactic taxation slump, even if foreseeable needs already looming in the horizon will continue to compel us to further develop our economic stature towards greater strength.

Meanwhile as our economic projects have sped onward, so too our factories and shipyards have been kept humming, and our academy as well as military structure have seen some very positive changes happen over the course of the past year;

The Star Home Academy, a coordinated design effort between the Ministry of the Interior and Defence, operating under the latter, is our new state-of-the-art combat basics training platform that has rendered the previous entry academy iterations obsolete, and has enabled us to do away with the use of the mandatory three month military service period. Furthermore, it has assimilated the core mission of the Hapan Mentorship Program, and the feedback and results that it has generated since coming operational have been as positive as expected.

The military itself was still processing its last restructuring efforts its leadership saw an unsual amount of prominent changes made, and recognizable individuals standing up to the challenge, with a renewed mandate to do what was needed to take the restructuring efforts to an acceptable conclusion, and to ensure the continued strength of our military forces. What we have now is newfound stability, upgraded staff management systems that benefit the whole of Hapes, and I look forward to next seeing the necessary steps taken in building up further our operational capabilities.

With that, allow me to recognize a few individuals for their parts in the aforementioned ordeals.

To Director Firion Corodix of Olanji/Charubah as well as Vice President Kyle Croft of Endara Mining Corporation, you have become indispensible to your CEOs as well crucial to our industrial production chains, and so wish to present the both of you with the Phoenix Star medals. Congratulations!

Fel`da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus, for your steadfast work and key role in all of our industrial projects, as well as your support in work across the government, I wish to award you with the Silver Medal of Command, as well as the Gold Medal of Service! And as if they would not be enough to add weight to your chest, you have also earned the Medal of Excellence.

Fel`da Xesh Randell, to you, for contributions to the Star Home Academy, economic projects, and for your work at the Ministry of the Interior, the Government Service Cross!

Pëlin`a Jessica James, for your work for the betterment of our Royal Hapan Armed Forces at its helm, you too have earned the Phoenix Star, as well as the Silver Medal off Command.

Line Captain Lionola Ayun, and Commander Yorr Jarent, for holding the fort until Commodore James' arrival and the work thereon, I wish you award you with the Military Service Crosses.

Commodore Lamento Solar and Commander Tiberius Hayward, to the both of you in turn I wish to give the Draconian Star!

Colonel Heyallo Stylez for your overall support and work for the betterment of the Consortium as a whole, and Captain X Halk for your work towards the Star Home Academy, I would like to give the Medal of Thanks!

Commander Rillik Rah, in turn for your role in the establishment and running of the Star Home Academy, I wish to award you with the Medal of Service Silver as well as the Medal of Thanks.

Colonel Heyallo Stylez, there is something else for you which requires no explanation: The Digital Acknowledgement award.

Additionally, I would like to present the Diamond Digital Acknowledgement to three specific individuals who have each in time moved veritable mountains to our enduring benefit; Alex Tylger, for your grand contributions to the hapan culture, design, and the Hapan Library. Gane Lant, most notably for your countless years of administrative work in support of myself and my predecessors. And Jessica James, for the heavy past and ongoing burdens with the entirety of Hapes' digital infrastructure. Given how high the bar has been set here, I have trouble imagining anyone else ever being given the Diamond ones.

Gentlemen and ladies, thank you. And while not everyone has been presented a medal today, I must collectively give each and every one of you my kindest thanks for the efforts made in service of Hapes, upon which we continue to build upon our future.
We continue to need to improve the Cluster's defences, infrastructure, our economic might and the capabilities of our military... To further our recruitment apparatus and to expand our intelligence services, as well as to prepare for an explosive research and development arms race with foreign powers.

We continue to rely on familiar faces in key positions, but similarly we are relient on the steady work of countless others and on rising stars to appear to distribute the burdens of responsibility. I already look forward to the next time I am to address you on these matters, to see how much more we have achieved together.

For now, take care, and have a most pleasant weekend.”

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Annual Server Fees

Howdy folks. I just flipped the annual server bill and wanted to reach out to anyone that may be on the donating fence. if you are then now would be a great time to do so. See the support us link to your left for more information. Thanks!

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Solidarity Awards Ceremony

The familiar introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network flashes across the screen. As the sequence comes to an end, Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen. She smiles warmly before she begins to speak.

“Good evening Hapes,

Tonight we have a very special treat for you. A cause for pride and acknowledgement of those men and women of the government and military of both The Hapes Consortium and Tion Hegemony. The presentation of the various and numerous medals and awards to those whom participated in the government joint construction effort of Project Solidarity.

Anacia Chalcedon nods to something in the background and smiles.

"Fel'da Regalix Cyrus is now on stage and ready to present the medals to the recipients. We now bring you to the hall of the Pinnacle Star, the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry where the ceremony is taking place."

The screen cuts to the ceremony mid-speech

"The Tion Hegemony has the entire Hapan people's appreciation, thanks, and respect with this joint development project. The speed and organisation between its team leaders, and members the construction effort could not have gone any quicker. With that being said, I would like to invite all members of the Hapes and Tion construction group upon stage."

The two groups sitting in the front rows rise from their seats and being walking on stage in a long straight line.

"The Royal Council has unanimously agreed to award the participating members of the Tion group honourary Hapan medals for their dedicated hard work.

For their gracious participation and hard work in construction, I would like to award the Medal of Thanks to all Tion members and Gold Medal of Construction to: Val Arn, Revan Ydddrasill, Isla Chayes, Hal Krandon, Fremi Masag, Alice Levy, Stephanie Barefoot, Takao Asai, Rilik Rah, Xesh Randell, Brian MacBoruma and Charles Cados."

"For logistics, the Medal of Tactical Achievement Gold to: Tianna Rhode, Taranae Rhode, Firion Corodix, Charles Cados, Hunru Tenvis and Skavo S`ci."

Let’s give our members here a round of applause!

The thunderous clapping of the audience beings as the screen fade to black.

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MotI Awards Ceremony

An unexpected departure of several Ministry of the Interior officials has turned a scheduled awards ceremony into an impromptu emergency planning session in the Office of Hapan Recruitment.

Fel’da of the Interior took stock of the situation, acknowledging the good work of both current OHR personnel as well as those who have departed, and after a short brainstorming round went ahead with presentation of the recruitment plates to select Hapanii including, but not limited to Fel`da Regalix Cyrus, Pelin`a Jessica James, Jabethe Alories Tanus, and Rennith Sheila Talis.

When HNN reached out to Minister Randell for a comment on what may have motivated former Director of the OHR Brian MacBoruma to depart, he declined to speculate, mentioning only the promising work Mr. MacBoruma did for the Ministry.

Broadcasted on the 07.Sep.2015 - 21:30 by Xesh Randell

== RHAF Log Work Awards ==

First off, apologies for the late post on this. I have been liaising with the Royal Council and the King to coordinate some posts, but after detailed discussions it has been decided this will be released separately to the other posts.

With that being said, let me lead right in to it... I am proud to announce the conclusion of the RHAF Naval Logistics task! While the odd one of you may still be dropping that final ship off, the massive and at times almost unbearable amount of ships that required moving has come to an end, much sooner than I had expected. This is due to two reasons;

Firstly the person organizing the entire event pulled off an outstanding and applauding performance, and secondly all those taking part performed beyond expectations. I have personally visited his highness, King Zayth, on Hapes Prime last week to inform him of your work.

I’d like to point out that everyone involved in this project played a key role to success. Without everyone’s contribution and hard work we would still be sitting here today staring at the inventory list. I applaud every one of you, and thank every one of you. That being said, some of your names did draw more attention than others, and I’d like to reward those with some medals.

Lt. Cmdr. Rhydra Tunant

Rhydra only recently took on the position of RHAF Quartermaster. The position itself was long overdue, as even I was overwhelmed with the RHAF inventory. She literally stood before a mountain that would need to be climbed. I knew Rhydra would be able to work through it eventually, but I did not expect the passion she brought to the table, and her amazing organizational skills. She has truly blown me out of the water when it comes to the performance expectations I had of her. As the master-mind behind the project I am awarding her the Gold Medal of Tactical Achievement, a medal I have not personally seen in decades. For her dedication and long nights spent in front of a screen making sure everyone was assigned the ships and that they are transported to the correct system I award her with the Draconian Star.

Line Captain Lionola Ayun, Commander Yorr and Lt. Cmdr Vash Reckless

While you three had access to larger ships and were able to transport more at one time, the sheer masses of vessels you moved did not go unnoticed. I think you three managed to speed up the project by weeks, if not months. Your dedication and devotion to getting the task completed is worth nothing less than the Draconian Star, which I am awarding to all three of you.

Lt. Cmdr Gabriel Vos and Ensign Arden Rone

Unlike the three names above you did not have access to such large vessels, regardless of that you both managed to move hundreds of ships in a very short span of time. I was thoroughly surprised at your dedication and how hard you worked on getting the task complete. For this I also award you with nothing less than the Draconian Star.

Master Crewmen Quintas Santori

You were the first member to report in for duty on this project, and the speed at which you worked was fascinating. It was very unfortunate that other events (RL) pulled you away, and your active LOA is still on my desk. I hope you can return to full duty soon, you are an outstanding officer with much potential. For your outstanding performance in the first half of this project I award you with the Military Service Cross

Sub Lt. Kela Moraven and Ensign Sheila Talis

I do believe you were assisting with the Star Home Academy during the first half of the project, and thus were slightly late in joining. None the less you made yourself noticed to your superior officers with your dedicated commitment. I know both of you had some other things going on that pulled you away at times, but you managed to continue to be active in the project and get the task done. For that I award you too with the Military Service Cross.

That my fellow RHAF members concludes the rewards portion of this project. I will add your medals to your profiles over the coming days. Well done to everyone, and thank you for going the extra mile!

Broadcasted on the 04.Sep.2015 - 23:05 by Jessica James

New Fel`ta of Industry Announced

The familiar introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network flashes across the screen. As the sequence comes to an end, the logo of the Ministry of Industry appears boldly in middle of the screen.

The screen fades and in front stands two men. One behind a podium and the other to his right, in front of the Pinnacle Star.

"This is an important day. An event that will continue the goal that Raix Chume Kadrim set when he first came into office. That goal was to bring in new blood of vision and leadership into Hapes and that of the Royal Council. Today, I would like to announce the next Fel'ta of Industry, Charles Cados.

Charles has been a shining star among the numerous ones that we currently have here in Hapes. His hard work and dedication caught my eye during his time in Endara Mining Corporation. He then continued on to achieve many goals during his time here in Hapes. Showing the ability of leadership and coordination with members within the Royal League of Commerce, and that of management in materials production and logistics. He has passed all my expectations and I am confident in his ability to act as my second in command as Fel'ta of Industry."

Fel'da Regalix Cyrus smiles and steps away from the podium allowing Fel'ta Cados to take the stage.

"It is with great honor that I accept the position of Fel'ta of Industry today. I appreciate the confidence that is being shown in me with this appointment and I shall do my utmost to repay that confidence by ensuring that the Ministry of Industry continues to play its part in the development of the Hapes Consortium. The huge success of recent projects such as Solidarity and Resurgence have ensured that the bar has been set high and I shall do my utmost to ensure that high standard is maintained and do all I can to meet the many challenges that this appointment will present.

I began my career in Endara Mining Corporation and I cannot let this moment pass without expressing word of thanks to President Danakin Turner and Vice President Kyle Croft for their help during my career in Endara Mining. The lessons learnt there have been a tremendous help in my transition to Hapes and I look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.

I would end by thanking Fel'da Regalix Cyrus for his help and guidance during my transition in the Hapes Consortium and relish the prospect of working with him on future Industry projects."

Fel'da Regalix Cyrus quickly squeezes in a final word before the end of the announcement.

"I forgot one more thing. To commemorate this moment for Charles, I would like to award him with the Medal of Service Gold for work and service to the Consortium."

Fel'da Regalix Cyrus begin clapping and is soon followed by a thunderous applause from the audience.

The screen goes dark and is followed by regular ads on the holonet.

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Project Resurgence Awards Ceremony

The familiar introductory sequence of the Hapan News Network flashes across the screen. As the sequence comes to an end, Anacia Chalcedon appears on screen. She smiles warmly before she begins to speak.

“Good evening Hapes,

Tonight we continue with the numerous strings of awards to those whom have participated in some of the Consortium recent project undertakings. This time we look at celebrating the conclusion of Project Resurgence and recognizing the dedicated men and women seeing her to completion. Again we visit the Pinnacle Star where, Fel`da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus presents the medals and awards to those whom participated in the recent conclusion of Project Resurgence.”

The screen flickers and the image of the newsroom is replaced by the familiar enormous hall of the Pinnacle Star, lively with movement and activity from members from the military, government and delegates from the around the Cluster

The loud chatting from the audience starts to die down as the lights within the hall slowly dim, enlightening the front stage where Fel`da Regalix Alarendor Cyrus steps up to the podium.

"Ladies, gentlemen, Royal Council members, Advisers and servicemen of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. Once again we come together and I welcome you all to this marvelous occasion, so recently from the Hapan Shield Project ceremony, to commemorate and recognize those whom have served Hapes to further her interests and power with Project Resurgence. We will start with those whom serve within the Royal Armed Forces and please refrain from applauding till all awards are presented for the group. I would like to call onto the stage: Lieutenant Gabriel Vos, Crewwoman Lannea MacAleese, Captain X Halk, Sub Lieutenant Eiryn Ashanna, Master Crewman Sheila Talis, Lieutenant Commander Tyberias BlackIron, Ensign Arden Rone, Sub Lieutenant Kaa Odwil, Sub Lieutenant Kela Moraven, and Commander Rillik Rah."

The hall lights shine on the men and women as they walk on stage in single file and line up in a row in order.
"For participation in Project Resurgence, I present the Project Resurgence ribbon and the Letter of Industrial Achievement to all individuals on stage."

For the contribution of constructing infrastructure, I present the Bronze Medal of Construction to Crewwoman Lannea MacAleese, Ensign Arden Rone and Sub Lieutenant Kela Moraven."

"For greater efforts in the Project, I award the Silver Medal of Construction to Captain X Halk and Sub Lieutenant Kaa Odwil."

"And lastly the Gold Medal of Construction to Commander Rillik Rah!"

"Please give a round of applause for the members of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces!"

The crowd erupts in thunderous clapping and applauding as the men and women exit on stage and return to their seats.

"I would now like to call upon the members of Government and Citizens to come up on stage. Zhane Treeborn, Celin Blackblade, Alories Tanus, Tony Lake, Rodar Kandel, Tarix Tal Locke, Geddrik Lekris, Cristofer Blakmoon, Skavo S'ci, Hunru Tenvis, Firion Corodix, Kriston Tsin, Har Tay, Charles Cados, Fel`da Xesh Randell, Lillith Delcroix and His Royal Majesty, Zayth Kadrim."

The hall lights shine on the men and women as they walk on stage and take their places

"For participation in Project Resurgence, I present the Project Resurgence ribbon and the Letter of Industrial Achievement to all individuals on stage."

"For the contribution of constructing infrastructure, I present the Bronze Medal of Construction to Celin Blackblade, Alories Tanus, Rodar Kandel, Tarix Tal Locke, Cristofer Blakmoon, Hunru Tenvis, Kriston Tsin, Kyle Croft, Har Tay and His Royal Majesty, Zayth Kadrim."

"The Silver Medal of Construction to Tony Lake, Skavo S'ci, Charles Cados and Lillith Delcroix."

"And last but not least the Gold Medal of Construction to Fel`'da Xesh Randell and Firion Corodix!"

"Before we give our members our appreciation, could Kyle Croft and Firion Corodix stay on stage. Let's give them all a thunderous applause! "

The crowd follows with thunderous applause once the members on stage return to their seats.

"The two individuals that I have here on stage have been my right and left hand throughout Resurgence. Their help with managing material supply and logistics were of invaluable help in getting this Project completed. I would like to present the Gold Medal of Service and the Gold Medal of Tactical Achievement! "

Fel'da Regalix Cyrus goes to pin the medals and shake the hands of both Kyle Croft and Firion Corodix. The crowd follows with applause once the formality is completed.

"Congratulations to all members who participated and received awards and medals! May you continue to serve the Consortium with pride and distinction! Please give another round of applause for the recipients."

Fel'da Regalix Cyrus initiates the clapping and is once again followed by the thunderous applause throughout the ceremonial hall.

The screen fades black with the Hapes Consortium emblem and returns to commercial advertisement.

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You may have noticed a few extra ComUnits repeating themselves today, this was because of some testing I have been doing. I apologize for the extras!

Thanks for your continued patience :)

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